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Expat Health insurance

Expat health insurance is introduced for those who are living & working overseas. This ultimate insurance plan is designed to provide you and your family access to the perfect & durable healthcare possibility. These insurance plans usually feature maximum coverage limits and a broad network of service providers.

Although health & safety insurance plans can be more expensive than local ones, they ensure the rewards are worth it. While international health insurance plans are equally crucial for short-term and long-term trips, Usually expat health insurance plans offer:

  • excessive medical coverage than standard travel insurance plan does;
  • can schedule treatments or surgeries abroad
  • Ensure coverage for your elective, regular doctor and dental visits, and emergency health and care.

Benefits of expat health insurance plan: All you need to know

This plan is created specifically for expatriates and locals. In this plan, they can get routine & emergency healthcare in their country, along with various country coverage.

The Plans offer ultimate flexibility for each stage of your life. Advantages include unlimited treatments, from doctor fees & to diagnostic tests. Also, alternative treatments & physiotherapy are offered in these plans. Many of them even come up with plans that offer cover for chronic medical problems.

Insurance policyholders can supplement their selected health insurance Plan with additional coverage like dental, maternity, out-patient, and repatriation.

Usually, these plans help the policy members with only life questions, problems, and concerns, So if you get an expat health insurance service, it ensures personal and multilingual support. You can get quick access 24/7

On this platform, you’ll have quick access to:

It will ensure counseling in-person, via phone, and video chat. Also, provide support from experts in finance and law, child care and adult care, retirement, planning for the future, and debt support.

The insurance plan includes articles, blogs, and books written by experts and bestselling authors. The primary purpose is to educate you about your health and its importance. Some podcasts are also offered as tips on time management and health.

Policyholders have 24/7 access to personal security information and advice on all travel safety queries. This includes:

Our expat insurance plans provide An Emergency Security Assistance Hotline. Now you can discuss any health & safety-related issue along with a travel destination; it also ensures access to quick assistance during traveling;

It’s not required only for yourself, but it’s essential for your family too. You need to make sure that your family has access to the very best healthcare system. Foyer Global Health is a platform where the next level of coverage of an international health insurance plan comes into existence.

So, if you’ve children, you need to have a health & insurance plan very soon. You have to visit a doctor’s place with your kids regularly, These visits can get expensive, so these plans can assist you in reducing the cost of these visits.

Furthermore, a great advantage is that we ensure 24/7 assistance, direct payments with medical providers, multi-type support, and highly beneficial medical claims. These claims can process within just 48 hours.

Your family will get such advantages by getting an expat plan;

  • a first aid course that’s is equally beneficial for parents of children or insured as dependents;
  • kid hearing exam and a discount when two or more kids are added to the health policy

Furthermore, if you’re planning to provide different health plans to your family, even if you are settled abroad, you can get your health insurance plan with maternity & infant coverage. This plan will cover patient treatments, regular check-ups, childbirth complications, and initial treatment.