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cannabis festivals in the united states

With more and more states joining the recreational cannabis club, 420-friendly travelers have more options than ever before. While any one of these destinations would make for a great getaway to kick back and enjoy some local offerings, we are excited to see the growth of some fantastic cannabis festivals that are more than just local gatherings. If you are interested in including some marijuana-related activities in your next vacation, consider one of these as the reason to explore a new city.

Denver, CO - Mile High 420 Festival

Colorado has offered legal recreational cannabis for over a decade, and the state now has many attractions dedicated to the herb. Visitors to Denver have their pick of dispensaries. A number of operations offer tours of their growing facilities. You can also hop a ride on guided tours in smoke-friendly vehicles.

Consider going in April. On 4/20 every year, Denver hosts the Mile High 420 Festival, which is the world's largest free smoke out.


Los Angeles, CA - 420 Is A Whole City Festival

On any night of the week in Los Angeles, you can party in packed clubs, take in a juried film festival, or watch a band that is on their way to being famous. This is true especially in April when you'll find screenings of films with a cult stoner following as well as other celebrations.

If you are a fine dining fan, make time for an evening at the Cannabis Supper Club. This farm to table destination carefully sources everything from great cannabis strains to fresh vegetables to ingredients like Shigoku oysters.

Athletes may enjoy competing in the very mellow 420 Games. You can also compete in or enjoy the Stoned Video Game League as either a player or a spectator.


Las Vegas, NV - Cannabis Conference

In this highly stimulating city, a bit of bud might be just what you need to take the edge off. It shouldn't be a surprise that America's top destination for conferences of all types would also be home to Cannabis Conference. This isn't like the festivals you may have seen on Instagram or TikTok but after the busienss-focused conferences ... trust me, there's some parties going on. Hit the Las Vegas strip to take in a show while under the influence. The area has many inexpensive and high-quality buffets that are perfect for when the munchies hit.

Be sure to stop by Planet 14, which is the world's largest and most comprehensive dispensary. It's open 24 hours a day and accessible by free shuttle. You can also enjoy events like cannabis pastry classes or puff and paint artist nights.


Seattle, WA - Hempfest

Thanks to the many inexpensive Washington dispensaries, Seattle is one of the most weed-friendly cities around. It's not shocking then that it is also home to one of the best, biggest, and oldest hemp and cannabis festivals out there. Seattle Hempfest is celebrating 30 years of operation in 2021 and things are only getting stronger. The state's laws that forbid vertical integration between retailers and farms keep competition high and prices low. Residents say that, while public smoking is technically against the law, most people don't pay any mind to someone lighting up or vaping in public.


San Francisco, CA - 420 FEST SF

Billed as being like a "mini Burning man" the 420 FEST SF is a community organized co-located collection of events around Dolores Park to celebrate the community and the collaborative spirit of the Bay Area. While there, you should also visit Berkley, located just across the bridge from San Francisco, this brainy, hippie town is a top cannabis destination. The city recently approved on-site consumption of cannabis at their dispensaries. After your visit, be sure to hit one of Berkeley's popular restaurants.

Central to the city is UC Berkeley's calm and wooded campus. Tiny, eclectic shops line the streets and provide plenty of opportunities to pick up trinkets.