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Great American Sports Road Trips including a visit to San Diego

Sport is a big part of American life, always has been and always will be and that's why a sports road trip is one of the top travel ideas that we get questions about. Whether these are teams you grew up with or a reunion of college buddies, taking a sports road trip is a great excuse to get out of town.

Right now unfortunately most of us can't see live sports in person but don't let that stop you from taking a great American sports road trip. Whether its baseball, hockey, football, NASCAR or anything else, there's more to enjoy the experience than just the game itself. Pick your team then head to the city, dine on some iconic food from the region and maybe even bet on it while watching for a bar or even your hotel suite. We can still support our favorite teams, hang out with our friends, and keep things exciting - even if we can't be in the stadium itself.

Luckily sports betting is legal in many parts of the United States now but it can sometimes be challenging to find out how to do so. If you want to find a legal site to do so, Online Betting Guide spells them out here. You don't need to be a baller to have fun this way, even just placing a small wager on your favorite team can keep things interesting.

Here are some of our favorite stadiums to visit for your "Great American Sports Road Trip!"

Petco Park, San Diego, California

Without a doubt, San Diego's Petco Park, home to the Padres baseball team is one of the finest sports stadiums in the United States today and it makes for a great road trip destination. With craft beer and great weather as well as being just far close enough to Phoenix and Los Angeles to make for an easy weekend road trip this is at the top of our list.

Everbank Field, Jacksonville, Florida

Home to NFL team the Jacksonville Jaguars, Everbank field has recently been renovated into one of the must-see stadiums in America. It doesn’t have a long history, only opening in 1995, but what makes it worth a stop are the incredible features in its North end zone. Dubbed the ‘Party Deck’ it features two wading pools so that fans can actually watch their team from inside a swimming pool! If that isn’t the most Florida thing you’ve ever heard, then I don’t know what is. Top quality food and drink options and two of the largest scoreboards in the NFL round out what is one of the most luxurious viewing experiences. This is the perfect place to put Doc's NFL experts to the test on your trip. Why not watch the game from here and make some informed bets? Drinks on you if you win!

Lambeau Field, Green Bay, Wisconsin

Built in 1957, Lambeau Field is iconic because many consider it to be the stadium where Super Bowl football took hold. It is also the oldest continually operated NFL stadium in the country, and one of the only outdoor stadiums left in the game. There have been some historic games played here, including the ‘Ice Bowl’ of 1967, in which the Cowboys took on the Packers in -25F temperatures. Because of the history here, games are always that little bit extra special, with the crowd aware of the traditions they are upholding.

Fenway Park, Boston, Massachusetts

Another historic ground, this time for baseball fans, Fenway Park is the oldest MLB stadium and has been home to the Red Socks since 1912. More historic charm than modern glamour, it still has manually operated scoreboard known as the Green Monster. Visitors can marvel at the size and spectacle of the field, and when it’s packed full of fans and lit from above, it absolutely takes your breath away. Even if you’re not a baseball fan, this should be on everyone’s bucket list. The local atmosphere and vibe from the crowd every game day is electric and just can’t be matched anywhere else in the country.

Madison Square Garden, New York, New York

A must on every best-of list, Madison Square Garden is known across the world as the most famous arena. Hosting NFL and NHL games, it home to the Knicks and the Rangers, although it is also often used for boxing matches, wrestling matches, and music concerts. Whatever event is being hosted, the atmosphere inside is always incredible. MSG is so famous it is probably one of the few stadiums that people are willing to travel across the country to experience. All the historic greats have played here including the legendary Michael Jordan, Muhammed Ali and Elvis Presley, and it’s worth a visit just to say you’ve stood on the same ground as the greats.

All major-league sports grounds have a great atmosphere, but some are a little more special than others. Whether it’s because of the history that has played out on the fields over the years, or because they’re showcasing exceptional modern technology, if you ever get the opportunity to visit a new ground, you definitely won’t be disappointed.