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Alaska love letter

I don't usually do contests but even if I don't win a darn thing in this one ... I just absolutely love Alaska. The state has captured my heart as well as my imagination. That is why for more than a decade we've been supporting Alaskan tourism as promoting the adventures you can have there on a cruise (or better - a cruise tour). Holland America Line has now launched a campaign that asks their fans to share a Love Letter To Alaska and 10 winners will receive suite accommodations on one of their six ships that will be offering Alaska cruises this summer. So, how could I resist a chance to once more profess my love for Alaska!

Oh Alaska, you are that amazing love of my life that calls from a distance by photos of your beauty that inspire dreams of exploring everything that makes you special. From snow capped peaks to the icy cold waters that lap at your feet on a summer day, your beauty is truly wondrous.

The magic that you possess has inspired me for decades to work, save, and plan for the chance to visit you in person once again. That continues to this day and one trip is just not enough to satisfy my craving for exploring your shores, glaciers, forests, and of course restaurants, distilleries, and breweries too.

While other places have a siren’s call that beckons men like myself to visit their shores, yours is truly a destination that is even better than anything the greatest poets, authors and artists could ever capture and share with those who have never been.

Your intoxicating spirit has driven explorers seeking fame and fortune to your land for generations and today is no different. Like those men, I too am smitten by your beauty and mystique. This is a feeling that only becomes more intense the longer we stay apart.

With god's grace and a bit of luck, I hope to see you again this summer!

(Hopefully arriving on a Holland America Line cruise ship of course!)

For more details about the campaign please visit Cruise West Coast or if you already have your creative juices flowing then head on over directly to Holland America Line's contest site https://loveletterstoalaska.com.