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central park in NYC during summer

New York City is well-known, even to people in faraway places, as being subject to snowy, icy winters – which are great for Christmas episodes, even if not so pleasant to live in! But what is New York like in summertime? Let's take a look.

It's Hot!

While the temperatures in NYC aren't that hot - averaging 79 degrees in June; 85 in July; 83 in August - it can feel even hotter since the weather is often humid and all that steel and concrete from the buildings retain heat that can make it feel even hotter than it normally would be. Plus, since the tall buildings often block the breezes that little bit of help that is enjoyed by folks in the outer boroughs isn't there to help cool things down in Manhattan.


It's Humid!

The effect of the high temperatures is significantly worsened by the high humidity, which not only stops your body's natural efforts to cool down via sweating, but also has the effect of leaving you clammy and uncomfortable and, often, feeling as though you are trying to breath warm, water-laden air, through a face-cloth. While it isn't quite as bad as Miami for instance, the 50-75% average humidity in New York City can be oppressive. For those of you who aren't climate nerds, a humidty level between 30-50% is considered "comfortable" for most people.

Anything above that will be increasingly uncomfortable and when you combine that with high temperatures it isn't going to be a fun time for anything that involves moving around.


There's So Much To Do!

However, New Yorkers do not melt into the sidewalk and hope for the cold weather to return: there are plenty of outdoor gigs, picnics, impromptu performances and open-air readings. Keep an eye on local listings, stay in good contact with your hotel reception desk and you are sure to find plenty of performances and activities to keep you busy.


It's Crowded

New York fills up with tourists wanting to make the most of seeing the Statue of Liberty gleaming green in the sun, so the roads are packed, the sidewalks more so and all the tourist destinations are filled to capacity with people from all over the world, all pinching themselves with delight that they have made it to this unique city! Save yourself the hassles of trying to get yourself around the city, by engaging the services of a limo and driver to get you about. Find out about drivers and the limo service to JFK here and see if having your own personal chauffer might be the answer to New York logistics for the duration of your stay.


The Celebs All Leave

As soon as the temperatures and the humidity creep up, celebs, the super-rich and anyone who can, get going out of the city. The one-percenters tend to head for the cooler breezes and off-shore dryness of the Hamptons, Long Island and other similar areas – close to the city, but far enough away to alleviate any heatwave suffering. So, if you want to celeb spot, summer is probably not your month – although, of course, out-of-town celebs might well head to New York in summer, so you still might spot your crush admiring Times Square or popping into Planet Hollywood.