Gear & Gadget Reviews

Mardi Gras Gear Guide for the Ultimate Party
January 17, 2018

Mardi Gras and New Orleans Theme Party Gear Guide

in Stuff by James Hills
It’s Mardi Gras season again and that means it’s time to get your party going. While this gear guide is designed for guys headed to New Orleans (or one of the other awesome cities that have Mardi Gras Celebrations!), you can use this guide to help create the…

Food & Drink

Ham and Harvest 15 Bean Soup
January 13, 2018

Ham and Harvest Hearty 15 Bean Soup Recipe

in Food and Drink by James Hills
For most of you, winter is in full swing right now and that means it's time to warm up with a steaming bowl of hearty soup. I've also found that for some reason there seems to be a lot of spiral cut hams on sale right now. Perhaps it's just that "after the…

Festivals & Events

Reno Air Races
August 24, 2016

Annual Reno Air Show and Air Race

in Mancation Blog by James Hills
For the ultimate thrill, you can't beat the annual Reno Air Races. While Red Bull's air races might get more exposure, this is where men and machine come together for some of the fastest most exciting racing action ever experienced.

Men's Style, Fashion & Health

What to Do if You Catch a Cold on a Cruise Ship
December 20, 2017

What to Do If You Catch a Cold On a Cruise Ship

in Mancation Blog by James Hills
Cruise ships are an environment unlike any other when it comes to the spread of disease. You have sometimes as many as 8,000 people from all over the world crammed into a boat together for a week or more. That means that each elevator button, hand rail, tongs…

Car Reviews

San Diego Road Trips
January 03, 2018

San Diego Road Trips Perfect for Driving in a Convertible

in Stuff by James Hills
A convertible is something special that almost begs to be driven somewhere special. That's what we did recently when Buick dropped off their new Cascada and said "have at it!". The following are some of our favorite road trips in San Diego that are perfect…

Travel & Vacation Ideas

Estonia Battle
January 08, 2018

Cultural Adventures and Modern Excitement in Estonia

in Mancation Blog by James Hills
Are you planning your next lads holiday to Europe but you're looking for something new and unique that your other friends haven't already explored? Estonia might be what you are looking for. This former Soviet republic is located just across the Baltic Sea…

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