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Thank you for your interest in becoming a guest author or sponsored post submitter for ManTripping.com!

We appreciate your interest and look forward to developing a great relationship as we introduce our audience to your destination, products, services etc.

However, as you can imagine - to maintain the high level of quality that our community has come to expect we require the following Editorial Standards & Guidelines. This is here to help you as well since we want to make sure your company looks the best possible to our audience!

Paid and Sponsored Blog Post Options:

We enjoy working with a variety of brands who are looking to reach out audience! As such, we have a variety of Paid Placement and Sponsored Post options that give you more flexibility for how your content will appear on ManTripping.com and associated social channels.

Sponsored Posts: These posts are written by one of our authors based on your briefing and objectives.

Paid Placement: We are open to taking guest posts that you have written and placing them on our site.

Sponsored Promotion: This is an add-on to the above options and will give you additional reach through our social network as well as paid views through advertising promotion.

Please contact us for more specific details about how we can help your brand or clients.


Guest Post Guidelines and Standards ...

Promotional Tones:

This post should have editorial value to our community. It is not a chance to have you write an advertisement about how amazing your hotel, destination, or product is. You should write this as if it is an article in a magazine where you are telling our community about yourself or the client you represent but don't try to sell. 


Post Topics:

Post topics should fit well into one of the following sections:


Men's Travel: 

Activities, Destinations, Events that are ideal for a group of guys to enjoy together. Our community is focused on men ages 30-55 that are typically married or have married guys in the group. As such, while we encourage an exploration of "non typical" mancation ideas we do avoid topics that involve sex, strippers, pornography, abuse of alcohol, drugs, or other illegal or immoral activities. Tobacco products and Vaping are ok on a case by case basis. Similarly, discussion of casinos and gambling should be reviewed on a case by case basis depending on context. For instance - it is ok to talk about your hotel's poker room or a guide to the best casinos in Vegas, but we do not cover online poker sites.

In summary, it's ok to have fun on a guys weekend - but we want to avoid anything that will cause issues if your wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend finds out about them when you get home.

"Non Typical" guys trips such as fashion related getaways, wine tastings, cooking classes, and history / culture related adventures are encouraged alongside more typical mancation ideas such as golf, fishing, extreme adventure, sports etc. related ideas.

If you have a question about your article idea then PLEASE let us know before you spend the time to write the post so that we can work with you to make it a perfect fit for our audience.


Romantic Getaways:

As all married guys understand - if you don't take care of your spouse and spend time with her then you can kiss your next guys weekend idea goodbye!

We love to share great ideas for romantic getaways ranging from quiet bed and breakfasts to luxury all inclusive resorts as well as cruise ships. Sky's the limit here but just like above, if you have a question about how well it will fit into the site please let us know so we can work with you to make it fit well.


Article Structure Requirements:

The very top of each article will have either a 400x400 image that will be aligned left with text to the right of it or a 800x800 image that will cover the entire top of the article.

The first few lines of the blog post along with the preview image above will be used as the teaser on the front page of the site as well as various sections so make sure that they work well in that context.

After the article introduction, the post is fairly free-form but it should have 2-3 images (specs are below) to break up the text.


Posting Length:

There is some variability here but posts should be between 250 and 700 words typically. 


Image Quantity and Sizes:

Each post will need to have an introduction image 750 x 400 pixels that will show at the top of the post as well as on various category pages as a thumbnail.

Each post should also have a minimum of 2-3 images that are either 700 pixels wide with a variable height in landscape orientation, or 400 - 500 pixels wide in portrait orientation. 

These images should be submitted as jpg files for maximum compatibility.



All links will be marked as "no follow". We will determine on a case-by-case basis if a link should be marked otherwise before posting the article and reserve the right to change placement or remove any URLs that we don't feel add value.

Links to you or your client's site and other related properties as needed but posts should generally not have more than 2 links.

When including links, please also take into consideration that we have the right to eliminate any links that may be questionable, not meet the topic guidelines listed above, not make sense in context, or not provide value to our audience. These determinations will be made on a case by case basis and our decisions are final.



We will disclose with the author attribution that it is a guest post and we will also mention that it is a guest or sponsored post at the bottom of the article as well per standard FTC guidelines and best practices.


If you have any questions or concerns about any of the above Editorial Standards & Guidelines please contact us before sending in a guest post.