It's that time of year again ... a shift from warming up with whiskey drinks to cooling down with fruity frozen rum cocktails, are you ready?

With Summer fast approaching, it is time to start restocking and shop for some alcohol specials, so you are ready to make all the best cocktails for the warmer season. Here are all the essential liquors and extras you need to make the best Summer cocktails.

White Rum

White rum is one of the most versatile and tasty liquors out there, and is the base for many delicious Summer cocktails. It is refreshing, and can be combined with several different fruits and flavors depending on your taste. 


Two of the most popular white rum drinks are the mojito and Daquiri. The mojito is incredibly refreshing and ideal for warm days, while the Daquiri can be adapted and changed depending on the flavor that piques your interest. 

Dark Rum

Dark rum cocktails are certainly less popular than their white rum counterparts, especially in the Summer, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be stocked in your home bar. If a white rum cocktail is more of a “club” drink, then a dark rum cocktail is more of a cigar lounge drink. 


A classic dark rum cocktail is the Old Fashioned, while a dark rum twist on a Daquiri sees you adding a touch of spice to the drink. 


Vodka is another staple when it comes to Summer cocktails as it can be mixed with and added to almost anything. It pairs well with fruits and fruit juices, and is also the best base if you want to make a few frozen cocktails. 


Vodka cocktails can range from the simple, like a vodka tonic or White Russian, to something a bit more sophisticated, like a Screwdriver or Lemon Drop Martini. 

Sugar Syrup

One of the key differences between Summer and Winter drinks is often the sweetness. A touch of sweet makes a drink feel a bit more refreshing, and therefore, having a bottle of sugar syrup available is essential.


The best thing about sugar syrups is that they are super easy to make, and you can flavor them, too. Mint, strawberry, vanilla, and lemon are all flavors that can be added to give your syrup and cocktails a new dimension.


Lime and lime flavoring is another staple in Summer cocktails. It adds a massive kick of freshness and zing, and when combined with a cocktail that contains ice, it is easily one of the most refreshing drink out there. 


For cocktails, you can keep it simple with vodka, lime, and soda water, or you can make something a bit more fun, like a frozen, slushie strawberry Daquiri with lime. 


Orange adds a similar zing to lime juice, but has a bit more of a “fuller” feel. Orange may be a flavor that is more associated with some Winter drinks, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used in Summer. 


The classic Mimosa is always a fan favorite, but you can also whip up a Harvey Wallbanger, an Orange Creamsicle, and even a delightful Campari Cosmo. 

Soda Water

Soda water should be another thing you have a few bottles of at all times. It can be used to water down a few stronger drinks without compromising the flavor, and the bubbles and slight tang it has will wake your tastebuds up in no time. 


The best thing about soda water is its versatility and simplicity. If you don’t want to drain your wallet on cocktails, soda water mixed with a fruit juice of your choice and a shot or two of vodka is delicious no matter the weather. 


Mixers make cocktail making a breeze, and many people are happy with simply mixing their favorite alcohol with a soda. There’s also no need to overthink this, as it really is up to you what you get. 


Coca-Cola, Pepsi, apple soda, orange soda; whatever it may be, they can all be mixed with vodka, white rum, and even whiskey. 

Fruit Juice

A selection of fruit juices should also be available when making cocktails, as you can often have a wider variety of flavors when compared to sodas. They also allow you to experiment a bit more when making drinks, and you can easily discover a new drink that you love. 


Grape juice, watermelon juice, and pomegranate juice are a few more unusual choices, while pineapple juice has become the “chaser of choice” when drinking tequila. 


When it comes to herbs, mint is king, and can easily be the only one you need when making Summer cocktails. What makes mint so great for cocktail-making is the fact that it can be added to almost anything for a touch of freshness. 


While it is a staple in a cocktail like a Mojito, you also need it for the Summer classic Mint Julep, and it is brilliant to throw into almost any fruit juice-based punch.


Finally, no Summer cocktail bar is complete without a big bag of ice. You can use it in almost any cocktail, and you can also shave it down to make a slushie version of a Mojito, Daiquiri, Cosmo, or Mimosa. Investing in a shaved ice or slushie machine can seriously transform any poolside party you have this Summer season.