Premier Protein Caramel Coffee

For the past few months I've been using Premier Protein shakes as a quick meal replacement for breakfast and mid-day snacks. The other day though, I came across an interesting idea - instead of using creamer for your morning coffee, try Premier Protein Caramel flavored shake instead. This way you get a nice cream flavor plus a hit of sweet caramel without worrying about adding extra sugar or fat.

I'm not sponsored by Premier Protein at all but I do want to give them a shoutout. The shakes taste great and provide plenty of protein - 30g in the Caramel Protein Shake with 160 calories, 1g of sugar, and 24 vitamins and minerals.

pouring carmel premier protein into iced coffee 2

In my case, I tried this with iced coffee, though frankly, the Caramel Pretin Shake creamer replacement works better in regular coffee or simply make the coffee extra strong. 

pouring carmel premier protein into iced coffee

There's not much more to this idea but I wanted to share it with you guys since it helps turn a boring diet idea into a fun meal replacement hack. 

This idea also works well with both the Cookies and Cream and Chocolate flavored Premier Protein.