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One of the most important social things that a man can do is to make a great toast and so that's what we're going to be talking about today. From capturing your audience's attention with the right sentiment to ensuring you have the right champagne for the moment, there are a lot of elements that go into making that moment special.

Since 1966, Andre has been a luxury that unlike others doesn't break the bank but still tastes great. With the tips below, you are certain to make it #EpicWithAndre and impress your friends by mastering one of the most manly of traditions - a great toast!

When To Toast

Traditional etiquette suggests that you should wait until after the dishes for the first course are cleared from the table for the host to make the toast. However, that tradition really only works in situations where you are having a formal dinner party. Otherwise, in more simplified fashion, it's ok to make the toast before dinner service begins or afterwards - before desert.

Who Should Toast

This depends significantly on the situation being celebrated but the host always get's the first toast and should use it to welcome the guests. From that point though, other guests may toast to specific people based on the occasion. For instance, the Best Man should toast following the parents of the newly married couple or a co-worker might toast to his friend's retirement. In both situations though it is appropriate to confirm with the host before taking the opportunity to do so.

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Picking the Right Champagne

Selecting the right bottle is important. Because champagne is typically a stand-alone beverage you don't need to worry about pairing the champagne with food the way you do with a wine, but it's still important to consider the flavor. French Champagne's tend to be more yeasty and a bit heavier tasting, whereas in general California sparkling wines tend to be more bubbly and lighter in flavor. In this case it is essential to consider the tastes of your guest of honor ... if they like drier varietals then go for that, or if they prefer sweet or fruit flavored you can try that as well.

For example, flavors range from Andre Brut to sweet with flavors like Peach Moscato and Strawberry Moscato. While the classic champagne for a toast is typically going to be a Brut, it's always fun to use a Moscato for less formal occasions.

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Opening the Bottle

Champagne will typically have a cork that is under extreme pressure from the carbonation so make sure to open it slowly and point it away from the guests while opening it. This is actually one of the things I like about Andre. Since it is a twist off, the bottle is actually resealable and you can open it easily without worrying about the cork flying off into space.

Knowing The Difference Between Champagne and Sparkling Wine

Officially, for a sparkling wine to be called champagne, it must be from the Champagne region of France. In 2006, the US agreed to abide by this convention, but Andre Champagne is grandfathered in and allowed to be called a "California Champagne". Besides, the two generally taste the same and no one will be looking at the bottle. With Andre though, you get the best of both worlds - the champagne name and the price that makes it an affordable luxury that anyone can enjoy! 

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Whatever way you go with your toast, it's important to remember to make it special and that's where Andre comes in - this is a quality brand that is an affordable luxury. Sure, you can toast your buddy getting married, promoted, or retired over a couple bottles of beer. To make it really special though, there's no substitute for an genuine champagne toast.

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