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Zwack Liqueur

Sure, I love my bourbon, rum and tequila but sometimes it's fun to step out a bit and try something new. I can't count the number of times I've browsed the aisles of the liquor store wondering about a bottle and I am sure you've done the same. Honestly spending $20-$30 to try something new is a small investment compared to the enjoyment you may receive by discovering a new favorite or event sharing the experience of trying something new with friends.

That's the category that I put Zwack into. It's not my favorite and I'll probably reserve it for sharing with friends that are open to trying something a bit different that they've never had before. That isn't saying that Zwack is bad - I just think it's strength is in the uniqueness.

zwack full bottle

How Does it Taste?

Zwack is an herbal liquor that I would put in the same family as Jager - though I enjoy drinking this MUCH better. Zwack is made from a blend of more than 40 different herbs and spices, with some distilled, some macerated and then added to oak casks, and then the dark amber huge is from the addition of caramel coloring at their factory in Budapest.

It's bold and a bit bitter with a hint of citrus but not as sweet as Jagermeister so