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To ensure that our giveaways are successful, we depend on sponsors like you. We understand that not every brand has the budget to throw out hundreds of dollars for a sponsored post, so this is a low-cost, high-ROI way for you to reach out audience.

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Provide Giveaway Items:

To work successfully, the total prize value must be greater than $50 with a preference towards above $100. On a case-by-case basis, we may accept lower cost items if they are particularly desirable. Items provided must be shipped directly to the winner who's contact information we will provide to you.

Each contest listing will include a feature photo, minimum of 100 word description of your product, and link to your site where they can learn more about it.  It will also be featured in our newsletter and in our giveaways section for the duration of the the promotion.

Contest Boost Level 1 - $25-$99:

We will boost the Facebook post and target people who we believe will be interested in winning the product (you may provide guidance here as well) . The more money provided, the more ability we have to promote the giveaway.

Contest Boost Level 2 - $100-$249:

You get all the benefits of Level 1, but we will also reach out to giveaway and sweepstakes sites to further promote your product as part of our giveaway. Once again, the more money you invest, the more sweepstakes sites that we can promote your product on as well as the more budget we have for a promoted post on Facebook. This will directly result in more exposure for your product. At this level, we can also include up to 4 entry options directly supporting your social media growth and website traffic goals. For instance, if they visit your site / follow you on Twitter then we will give them extra entries for the giveaway sweepstakes.

Contest Boost Level 3 - $250:

Your giveaway will receive all of the benefits above as well as being placed in rotation for run-of-site exposure in our "Featured Sponsored Post" box in the top right corner of the site.