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When you think of road safety we think of brakes and steering more than we do tires but to be fair - none of that matters if you don't have good traction or something hits the sidewall and causes a sudden loss of pressure. Trucks are interesting vehicles because they inherently have a lot of different considerations that passenger vehicles like my Kia Soul don't. For instance, with the 2004 Dodge Ram that I'm currently bringing back to life, it will be our vehicle to drive in snow, it might even pull a boat one day, and it's possible I might even get the chance to take it off roading at some point ... or at least on dirt paths that the Soul wouldn't dare to tackle. This means that I need something beefier than merely a road tire. Luckily the folks at Kumho sent me a set of their Road Venture A/T 52 tires to check out and share my thoughts.

Just Because Your Car Rolls Doesn't Mean It Is Safe!

When I came to Toledo last year my Father-In-Law's truck had sad idle since the beginning of the pandemic - over the course of three years and brutal winter weather here in North West Ohio, the truck had suffered a lot of abuse. We started with replacing fuel lines, brakes, and some electronics so that it was safe to drive again. However, despite the fact that the truck "rolled", it was clear that the truck wasn't safe to drive for trips beyond the range of a tow truck ride back to the house.

What I had already known - but got to experience first hand - is that tires can get damaged simply by standing still for too long. In the case of his previous tires, they had developed flat spots that "mostly" worked themselves out after driving the truck again ... but what resulted from that uneven rotation was uneven wear and beyond safety, an uncomfortable ride too.

I knew I needed new tires, but frankly, for a 2004 truck that I had just put thousands of dollars into to get "moving," I initially didn't think that tires were worth the added expense. Good tires are expensive, so we looked at some cheap options from discount stores and even considered buying some used tires since this vehicle wasn't going to experience heavy use.

However, the reality of the situation began to kick in ... if my wife was to take this car to Detroit to see her grandma or to Cleveland to see her family or we were going to drive it out to St Joe to move stuff to our house ... how much was peace of mind worth? Did I really want to roll the dice on something that was "probably" going to be ok?


Thankfully, before I had a chance to buy a new set of tires, the folks at Kumho contacted me and took care of the situation on our behalf. We chose the AT52 tires because it offered a great combination of on-road and off-road performance. Not only that but they were designed to work well in ice and snow, even though these aren't winter tires.

 kumho road venture at52 tires

About the Kumho Road Venture AT52 Tires:

The Kumho Road Venture AT52 tires are a superior choice for drivers seeking a blend of on-road comfort and off-road performance. Specifically designed for SUVs and Jeeps, these all-season and all-terrain tires excel in a variety of environments—from rugged trails to smooth highways, ensuring reliable performance regardless of your destination. Noteworthy improvements over the previous AT51 model include enhanced ride comfort, reduced cabin noise, extended tire lifespan, and superior resistance to damage.

Additionally, the AT52 tires boast increased capabilities in wet and winter conditions, backed by a three-peak mountain snowflake rating, which certifies their proficiency in severe weather.

These tires are Ideal for trucks utilized for on-road driving, light-duty towing, and navigating challenging winter weather. The Road Venture AT52 ensures safety and stability with features like deep main lateral and wide sub-lateral grooves for exceptional traction. The innovative use of a cut and chip resistant polymer blend in the tire’s composition enhances durability against cracking, chipping, and tearing, while a complex carbon black compound mixture prolongs tread wear.

Furthermore, the rugged shoulder blocks and rigid center tread blocks provide essential off-road performance capabilities, while also improving on-road handling. With a comprehensive warranty and a wide range of sizes to fit popular models such as the Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado, and Toyota Tundra, the Kumho Road Venture AT52 stands out as a robust and versatile tire choice for diverse driving demands.

 kumho roadventure tires

I'm Pretty Happy With These Tires!

To be fair, I don't have a scientific way to quantify if these Kumho AT52 tires are good or not, but I can share that I'm happy with them and that the quality feels good and the ride is much smoother than before.

In fact, compared to other AT tires that I've had in the past, these seem to be smoother riding and more quiet than those as well.

Despite the fact that they don't "sound" or "feel" like tough tires, they still look cool.

For a truck especially, that's not a factor to be ignored!

I'll probably never take these tires into mud or sand and honestly as a Californian who still isn't so sure about driving in the snow ... I'll probably avoid that for as long as I can.

However, it's nice to know that these tires will keep me safe if and when I choose to put them in those conditions.

That's what's important to me ... keeping myself and my family safe!