AddArmor Executive Protection Escalade

How to you make the Cadillac Escalade is already an SUV with attitude and is one of my favorite luxury rides. Now it's gotten a bad-ass upgrade from the folks at AddArmor who turned it into an absolutely stunning executive protection vehicle. I dream of one day rolling through the streets in one these but for now I'll just have to be satisfied by the photos ...

Founded by Special Operations and law-enforcement veterans, AddArmor specializes in turning work, family, and new vehicles of all kinds and prices into mobile safe-rooms. The pinnacle of AddArmor’s vehicle offerings is the Executive Protection Package, which completely customized vehicle interior cabins with an endless array of luxury features and amenities while enjoying state-of-the-art security. The company’s new AddArmor Escalade features various levels of ballistic and explosive protection, which allows the stunning vehicle to withstand high-velocity 30-06, 7.62, and .556 munitions. In addition to featuring modern lightweight armoring technology, the AddArmor Escalade also includes other cutting-edge security features throughout, such as a counter-attack sound cannon, electric-shock door handles, pepper spray dispensers, barricade busting bumpers, hidden gun ports, night vision, satellite communication systems, 360-degree night vision cameras, and a smokescreen system.

add armor b6 executive escalade captains chair recline

“The AddArmor Executive Protection Package Escalade really represents the pinnacle of what we offer in terms executive protection and comfort,” comments AddArmor President Jeff Engen Anderson. “Our Executive Protection Package is focused on seamlessly pairing world-class security with an incredibly impressive suite of amenities to enhance client productivity and relaxation while traveling. This truck not only features the best in lightweight, modern armoring alongside a host of other hidden countermeasures, but also presents it all in a luxurious package. Modern-day technology has completely redefined the driving experience using armored transportation, allowing us to introduce the best of everything for our AddArmor clients.”

add armor b6 executive escalade gun port open

The AddArmor Escalade transformation began with a thorough ground-up truck build. AddArmor’s expert manufacturing team then custom-fitted every interior panel with armor. The AddArmor Escalade (European B6 Level armoring) uses special 2-inch-thick ballistic glass capable of stopping high-powered rifle rounds. The glass features a multi-layered sandwich of polycarbonate and leaded glass that acts as transparent armor. The proprietary security glass is so tough that even thin 0.8-inch-thick sheets will capture 9mm and .44 Magnum rounds. This ballistic glass can also easily withstand prolonged physical attacks from blunt objects such as bats and cinder blocks. For the Full Protection package, AddArmor upgraded the ballistic windshields with anti-fog/de-icing elements, embedded antennas for GPS and radio frequencies, and solar-control coatings.

add armor b6 executive escalade action on road

AddArmor’s armor is deeply rooted in the best in proven military technology. In the past, up-armored vehicles traditionally used thick steel plates to stop bullets, adding significant weight that muted vehicle acceleration, handling, and braking. With speed being a critical aspect of safety, AddArmor found an alternative to traditional armoring by using carbon-composite panels that are 10 times stronger than ballistic steel and weigh 60% less. The AddArmor Full Protection Escalade features comprehensive 360-degree protection against high-powered rifles and explosive ordinance. This extends from the exterior to the interior, with AddArmor engineering protective casings for the vehicle’s dual batteries and ECU to make sure important electronic systems remain online.

add armor b6 executive escalade seats down

Ergonomics were also critical to the design of the AddArmor B6 Level Escalade, allowing security teams and clients to move quickly and freely within. To increase head room, AddArmor raised the Escalade’s roof by 4.5 inches. This conversion was finished with a custom Alcantara suede headliner above color-shifting LED lighting. Accent lights for the custom bar and ice chest with drains were also crafted with mood-adjustable LEDs. 

Electronics are similarly impressive. The main 32-inch high-definition smart TV is integrated into the retractable divider. A 360-degree camera system and iPad obscure the gun ports, which give security details options often not found in other armored vehicles. The AddArmor Escalade also has onboard WiFi as well as DirecTV, Apple TV, and HBO. The system is complemented by audiophile-grade Sony surround-sound with AM/FM radio, CD/DVD slots, and iPod/iPhone media compatibility.

add armor b6 executive escalade emergency lights 02

The new AddArmor Escalade is also stocked with tactical electronic options. Sophisticated security equipment includes an anti-jamming satellite communications system, active mine/explosion detection, and a 360-degree night-vision camera system. But possibly most impressive is the AddArmor global “911” phone and data system monitored by a Global Special Operations Command Center (GSOC). Satellite-activated, the 24/7 feature monitors the vehicle’s occupants via their cell phones and beacons. Any signs of trouble automatically set off a siren in the Command Center, where highly trained staff members assess the situation and stay with the client until the threat or issue has been mitigated. The beacons and cell-phone monitoring system can be taken with the client anywhere in the world; AddArmor stays with their clients anywhere they go around the globe.

add armor b6 executive escalade monitors

AddArmor also included features such as hidden lockboxes for valuables and a locking firearms safe into the B6 Full Protection Escalade. Other features include red/blue law-enforcement emergency lights with a siren and a PA system. The Full Protection Escalade also features run-flat tires capable of driving 30 miles after sustaining multiple high-powered rifle shots. To further increase performance, the vehicle is fitted with a heavier-duty suspension and larger brakes to add further stopping power. 

add armor b6 executive escalade action 02

For those of you dreaming of a custom package for your own car but can't scrape together the $350,000 for this one, don't worry!

AddArmor can devise custom protection packages to suit clients’ needs for both new vehicles or existing ones. Packages for family and work vehicles start at $28,000, and all options and packages are interchangeable per the clients’ needs. For more information, please visit AddArmor.comemail, or call 888.878.0021