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If you've watched Mad Men and want to get into marketing in 2022, you're in for some disappointment. Advertising is not what it once was. Instead of creatives sitting around thinking up ingenious campaigns, most modern advertising involves writing a bit of text and using social media marketing tools.

Big companies still run massive campaigns, but smaller businesses can’t compete on that level and don’t need to. With the ability to target a very specific audience using various social metrics, getting your message to the right people is cheap and easy.

However, that does not mean there are not cool new ways to advertise products. In fact, new innovations make it easier to stand out without having to spend big money on fancy campaigns.

Here are 3 of the coolest ways to advertise products in 2022.

AI Can Convert Your Text To Video

For many companies, communicating complex information is vital to making sales. Social media ads can get people to click through to a company’s website, but those people may not stay if they will be required to read pages of information. Traditionally, these companies have hired freelancers to record videos or voice overs for them.

But this is no longer necessary in 2022. A more reliable, consistent, and cheap method is to use AI. Modern video marketing companies use AI to convert text to video. In just a few steps, you will have a video that seemingly shows a human reading your text. However, it is actually a bot with speech, expressions, and mannerisms that perfectly resemble a human.

Augmented Reality Blends Digital And Physical Worlds

Augmented reality (AR) has been around for a while now with games like Pokemon Go, but has not impacted the lives of most people. Different companies have tried to harness it to better market their products. Companies like Ikea offered AR apps that let you see your potential purchase in your actual home by looking through your phone camera. But getting it right took work and it was never particularly effective.

However, AR glasses are becoming available, with Nreal already offering a product to any customer with a phone. Google is working on their own AR glasses (many years after the failure that was Google Glass) and Meta and Apple are joining the party as well.

With AR glasses, companies will soon be able to market products far more effectively by bringing them into your home, making it easier to choose furniture, décor, clothes, and other items through ecommerce websites.

Metaverse Brings Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is the next step in the evolution of technology. With ideas like the Metaverse, it does not seem long before we start actually interacting via VR. As such, companies will soon be able to market their products in a much more realistic way.

Instead of having to see a product in photos or videos, you will be able to look at them in 3D as if they're in front of you, pick them up, and even try them out. The best marketers will be those who can marry creative thinking with VR technology.

It is a very exciting form of marketing, but as of yet, it is still a while away.