NFL Blitz arcade game for the home

I had the chance to check out the Arcade1Up NFL Blitz Legends Arcade Machine recently and I'm pretty impressed. While ideally, we'd all be able to afford the authentic coin-op machines that we remember playing as kids, this is a great alternative that has been designed for more compact spaces at home. This 4-player cabinet includes NFL Blitz, NFL Blitz '99, and NFL Blitz 2000: Gold Edition and even comes with a custom 13' arcade game riser for free-standing play. The NFL officially licenses it, has online multiplayer and leaderboards so you can compete against your friends, and is perfect for any game room or man cave. I’ll tell you all about this amazing machine - from its key features to assembly - so that you can decide if it's right for you!

Product Overview

With its sturdy design and easy-to-follow instructions, this product is sure to provide hours of entertainment for you and your friends. The Arcade1Up NFL Blitz Legends Arcade Machine stands at an impressive 60.7 x 31 x 25 inches and weighs 91.93 pounds, making it a durable machine ready to take on any intense gaming session. This four player arcade cabinet comes with NFL Blitz, NFL Blitz '99 (except in the UK), and NFL Blitz 2000: Gold Edition. It also includes WiFi online multiplayer and leaderboards so you can connect with friends worldwide or compete for the highest score on the leaderboard! To top it off, this arcade machine is officially licensed by the NFL, with branded riser, LCD screen, marquee light up letters, 13' custom game riser for free standing play - all included in one package.

This product has received mostly positive reviews from customers who found it entertaining and good value for money. Assembly can be lengthy but is made easier by clear set up instructions that make the whole process manageable, even if you have no experience building furniture out of many pieces before. Customers have also noted that there is great sound quality allowing gamers to enjoy their favorite games like never before. Additionally, playing these classic arcade games together can help teach teamwork and motivate players as they strive to get higher scores each time they play!

Product Specifications:

  • 4-player arcade cabinet
  • Includes NFL Blitz, NFL Blitz '99, and NFL Blitz 2000: Gold Edition
  • WiFi online multiplayer & leaderboards
  • Officially licensed by the NFL; branded riser, LCD screen & marquee light up letters
  • 13' custom game riser for free standing play


  • Sturdy design
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Good sound quality
  • Great for teaching teamwork & motivation


  • Assembly can take time and skill
  • Coin mech is non-functional, the game is set to free play
  • The arcade cabinet is noticeably smaller than the commercial arcade game. This will make it uncomfortable for four adults comfortably compete at the same time.

nfl blitz arcade cabinet

Key Features

Boasting sturdy construction, easy assembly instructions, and great sound quality, this machine is perfect for team-building and motivation. The Arcade1Up NFL Blitz Legends Arcade Machine features a 4-player arcade cabinet with WiFi online multiplayer and leaderboards, as well as NFL-licensed branded risers and LCD screen. Its visual appeal adds to the experience with marquee light up letters that will draw attention from afar. With high-quality parts included in the package, this machine is guaranteed to give you hours of entertainment. Plus, its size allows for free-standing play when an extra 13' arcade game riser is added in for convenience.

Although some buyers may feel it’s a cheap product due to its smaller-than-expected size which may not comfortably fit four adults playing at once, the overall design of this product makes it worth investing in. It is important to note that a single game NFL Blitz 99 cabinet that you might have seen in bars and arcades can cost as much as $4,000, so it is not surprising that a $599 version may be more compact and less robust.


If you are skilled with furniture assembly, setting this product is a breeze. The instructions are pretty clear instructions and construction features user-friendly components, you'll have it ready to play in no time. On the other hand, I've actually never had a furniture assembly project go 100% to plan si that applies here too. However, the Arcade1Up NFL Blitz Legends Arcade Machine comes with an easy to follow assembly guide that takes you step-by-step through the process. It even includes illustrations of each piece and where they should be placed. Even if you're not very handy, the setup process can usually be completed within 4 hours. However, some less handy guys may find that assembly requires more skill than expected due to the large amount of pieces and connections required.

kid playing nfl blitz arcade game

Perfect For Your Mancave

Inviting up to four players to join in on the fun, this iconic Arcade1Up NFL Blitz Legends Arcade Machine is the perfect addition to any mancave, offering hours of entertainment and friendly competition. You'll love the game experience with its NFL-licensed product with branded riser, LCD screen, marquee light up letters, and more. Plus, you can show off your skills with WiFi online multiplayer and leaderboards. This machine also doubles as room decor; it's sure to be a conversation starter when friends come over.

This arcade machine is also great for families too! With three classic versions of NFL Blitz included, everyone can have a blast playing together and teaching teamwork and motivation. In the end though, you won't regret having this awesome piece in your home!

Pros and Cons

You'll have a blast with this classic game machine, but it's not all fun and games - there are pros and cons to consider before taking the plunge. Like any purchase, you should weigh the benefits against the drawbacks like a scale balancing out your decision.

The Arcade1Up NFL Blitz Legends Arcade Machine is great for those looking for a nearly authentic arcade gaming experience at home. The gameplay experience is top-notch, with three different versions of the classic arcade game included. Graphics quality is good considering its age, and sound effects are clear and vibrant. Additionally, it has WiFi online multiplayer capabilities and leaderboards so that gamers can compete in real time against each other from anywhere in the world.

On the downside, some customers feel that it's a cheaply made due to many plastic parts. It may also be too small for four adult men playing at once. If you plan to include more than two adults playing together, keep this in mind before making your purchase. 


To sum up, the Arcade1Up NFL Blitz Legends Arcade Machine is a great way to bring the fun of football and arcade gaming into your home. Not only does it come with 3 classic games and an awesome 13' riser for standing play, but also offers online multiplayer and leaderboards so you can challenge players from around the world. It's like having your very own virtual stadium in your mancave! With its quality build and endless hours of entertainment, this machine gives players a chance to experience all their favorite plays without leaving the comfort of their homes. Like sending a quarterback spiraling down field towards victory, this machine will take your game nights to new heights!