Las Vegas is our number one pick for a city that is perfect for single guys to have fun on a guys getaway.

Single guys, listen up. You need to know the best cities around the world for single guys! We're not looking for just any old city -- we're talking about the hottest destinations with a high female-to-male ratio and plenty of things to do on your own or with friends. That's what this article is all about: where you should go when you want to have some fun times now that you are single again. You'll find everything from beaches in Brazil, Europe, and Caribbean to parties up north in Canada, plus so many more places perfect for making new connections. There's no better time than now to get out there and enjoy life as a single guy looking for love...or at least some great times while traveling solo.

Whether you are a guy who has never been married or maybe you are recently divorced, your guys getaway ideas might be a bit different than others we normally cover on the site. The following is a list of some of my favorites that are ideal for single guys looking to have an adventure and make new friends at the same time. While married guys and those with a partner may be looking for something less wild, single guys may be looking for something a bit different when it comes to scenery and who they hang out with at night. 

So without further's my list of best cities in the world for single guys!

Las Vegas, Nevada

Get a taste of Sin City where you can indulge your desires as a single man where there are parties galore and beautiful scenery that will give you an enticing experience. Las Vegas has been touted as the prime party hotspot for decades and you will find action here with beautiful hotels, casinos, restaurants, and babes that are waiting to be swooped off their feet! This is an excellent classic location to get a sense of freedom and the nightlife where you can find a party near you no matter what the time. Enjoy some frosty beverages at the casino or a cozy cabana atmosphere with that special lady! It's definitely one of the best places to get laid with a stellar view!

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Rio is not only an iconic Brazilian city but it's also the perfect place to party and find women. Clubs and beach bars abound here so there won't be a shortage of options when it comes to places to spend your time at night. Of course, what would Rio be without its beaches? The first thing you should do after booking your ticket is pick out a hotel by the water and enjoy all the sun on this side of the planet has to offer. I guarantee that you'll never want to leave before giving Rio a chance to work its magic on you. There are tons of great restaurants near the beaches and plenty of bars as well -- it's like Europe but in South America, with a latin twist.

Montreal, Canada

If you're looking for a multicultural vibe with some delicious food then consider Montreal Canada for your vacation endeavors. Here you will find an alluring atmosphere with some romantic locations with a plethora of single women. This hotspot has been known for the tantalizing nightlife scene that will give you a breath of fresh air with immense possibilities. They have been praised for the amazing architectural designs across each building and you will gain a sense of peace here with many parties and activities to explore. The Rue St. Catherine and Rue St. Denis are great spots to consider that have many lounges and nightclubs that are waiting for you to visit with unparalleled results where you'll meet that special someone!

Dublin, Ireland

If you want to time travel and really get away from your scenery at home then this is a great spot to mix things up and travel back to the time of Ernest Hemmingway. Here you will be greeted with a warm welcome with friendly people and delicious food. There are also many opportunities to view some incredible scenery with a vintage ride. Music options here are in abundance with some impressive festivals to consider where you can let loose to some great tunes. There are many young people here and the location is full of life and vitality. You will meet others who are ready to party and enjoy life with a sense of spontaneity! Explore a variety of different pubs and fuel your passion for football here with others who share your interests!


This is another location that is full of life and has many young people who are full of energy. There are many opportunities here to enjoy with excitement that will fill your days and nights with ease. There are many restaurants and bars here along with nightclubs that will get you dancing in no time. You won't want to miss the opportunity to traverse the Passeig del Born which is the hottest nightclub location in Barcelona that is known for its wild parties and great view! Many young travelers from around the world come here to enjoy themselves and take part in the festivities along with incredible food and drink. This is a great place to meet a woman and enjoy a relaxing evening together that might turn into something more festive and romantic!

Goa, India

Enjoy the beauty of the classic vibrant countryside in Goa, India, or tread on some impressive beaches with an amazing view here in Goa. Here you will find a tropical climate with many parties to consider that will last the entire night with great fun! There is an incredible mix of cultures here with some serene landscapes and you will meet many new people including other travelers. Enjoy the beach parties and maybe even take part in some water sports for some amazing experiences! This location has a very nice vibe for single men and you'll feel the opportunity in the air as you enjoy each individual day where something new is brought to the table or the bed. There is also a fun floating casino ship where you can test your luck and maybe win big!

Ibiza, Spain

This is a Spanish legend where you will find 24-hour parties that will help you kick it with friends all night long and get your drink on! This is one of the hottest destinations for singles and you will surely find some hookups here or simply a fun time with some versatile women. Visit some exclusive nightclubs here like Pacha and Space Ibiza. If you love to party in the sun and enjoy life then this is a great hotspot where there are many women to meet. It's an excellent destination to let loose and has a versatile experience when it comes to partying. This is a Spanish gem that will have you coming back for more each day because of the friendly and exciting atmosphere where everyone is having a good time!

Negril, Jamaica

Negril, Jamaica has been known for being a location that is exclusively for singles seeking to mingle and you will enjoy some interesting environments here. There are jungles to explore and many beaches to lounge on while connecting with others and learning about their travel experiences with great stories! This is a little piece of paradise that will leave you in a fantastic mood. It's perfect for if you are just recently divorced because you won't even remember what happened. Drink some Red Stripe here and relax with an amazing experience while you enjoy the plethora of beaches and beautiful women. Take a cruise and meet new people while getting a sense of freedom on the open ocean! The possibilities are endless here and this is one of the most popular spots if you're single and looking for a great time that is care free!

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Okay, so maybe this one isn't the best for meeting new friends if that's what you're looking for -- but at least some of them will be female! Punta Cana is loaded with gorgeous women from all over the world who are ready and willing to party all night long...and maybe even have a little fun later on in private. Plus, Dominican Republic has lots of cool things for guys to explore that don't involve women. For instance, from October to January you can check out some of the rising stars of tomorrow in the Dominican Winter League Baseball games. This is where baseball legends like David Ortiz, Jose Reyes, Abert Pujols, and others got there start. Plus, there's distilleries, golfing, and cigar tours here too.

There is clearly no shortage of beautiful girls here who love doing just about everything under the sun but this is a great spot to visit for any type of guys weekend, married, single, or "it's complicated"!