Cool Car Gifts for Guys

alfa romeo classic race car poster

Women write me all the time asking for tips on what to buy for the men in their lives and honestly, I don't think we're that hard to shop for - but apparently we are. Most guys I know love cars though. Even if they aren't a grease monkey who works on their car in the garage, most men enjoy thinking about, looking at, and comparing cars. This means that car related gifts are among the easiest idea when shopping for a great gift for guys.

The following are some of our favorite car gift ideas but ultimately - only you know what the man you are shopping for really wants. This means that while we might show something featuring a specific car brand - make sure to do your research too. For example, some guys are Chevy guys and others love Fords - don't mix the two ...

carbon fiber gear license plate holder

Carbon Fiber Car Gifts

We love the folks over at Carbon Fiber Gear and so we couldn't pick just one of their items. Honestly, you can't go wrong with anything from their site but we love their Carbon Fiber Licence Plate Frame and their Carbon Fiber Key Chains too.

1959 corvette billiards pool table

1959 Corvette Pool Table

This one is for someone EXTRA special since the price tag is almost as much as an actual car. At $25,000 this pool table designed like a 1959 Corvette is sure to please anyone who loves classic cars.

maycom automotive gear shift key chain

Automotive Part Key Chains

Maycom has a variety of really cool key chains as well ranging from gearshifts to automotive shocks to turbo chargers that actually spin. These are all very inexpensive but make for a fun gift for guys who love cars.

mulholland raceway shirt from mpspeedshop

Classic and Retro-Inspired Racing Logo Tees

Morgan's & Philip's has some really cool vintage style racing apparel that would be great for any guy who loves to drive. From retro to retro-inspired, these guys have some great designs such as this Mulholland Raceway "The World's Largest Amateur Road Race Course" tee shirt.

team lotus classic poster from schening creative

Classic Race Car Prints

Schening Creative has some great prints that are perfect for any guy that loves the smell of melted rubber and engine fumes. These cars were works of art and the men who drove them were legends. We love this Team Lotus poster as well as the Alfa Romeo one above, but the company has a fantastic selection of other designs too.


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