DreameBot L10s Ultra review

There's a weird double standard that younger men don't quite get and far too many of us learned the hard way. Simply put, despite how cool a gadget is ... never buy your female friends or family members something related to cleaning the house. On the other hand, pretty much every gadget-loving guy that I know would be thrilled to unwrap a robot like this. The DreameBot L10s Ultra functions as a vacuum and as a mop and even features auto-emptying as well as self-cleaning functions. 

dreamebot l10s ultra cleaning robot

We've had a chance to play with the DreameBot over the past few months and we are pretty impressed. Years ago, I had a robot vacuum and frankly ... after a few weeks, I just put it away in a closet since it was more of a gimmick than something practical. With this one though, they've addressed many issues that made my other one impractical to use.

Let's take a look at some of the features that DreameBot L10s Ultra does that make this an absolute step above most other robot vacuum cleaners.

dreamebot l10s ultra mop or vac

It's Not Just A Vacuum

 The first thing that should be obvious here is that this device is more than just a vacuum. The DreameBot L10s Ultra works seamlessly as both a mop and a vacuum. It also maintains itself between cycles, including charging, emptying the hopper into an easy-to-dispose vac bag, and refreshing the water to ensure the mop brushes are wet with the right amount of cleaning fluid.

This also means that it works well on a variety of floor surfaces. In our case, that means that it was able to navigate from the linoleum in our kitchen to faux hardwoods and then switch to vacuum mode on rugs in the living room.

What's even more impressive is that it can actually vacuum and mop at the same time!

dreamebot l10s ultra suction power

Suction Power Is Good For Most Messes

For most folks, the fact that it offers 5,300Pa of suction power doesn't mean a whole heck of a lot. However, when you consider that some robot vacuums offer less than half of this while some only advertise a meaningless "40x suction power" with an asterisk pointing to an older model from the same manufacturer, this is pretty impressive.

In fact, at this power, it is almost as good (and sometimes better) than handheld vacuum cleaners.

The point here is that unlike many other products on the market, you don't have to sacrifice performance for convenience.

dreamebot l10s ultra robot vacuum

You Can Avoid Constantly Having To Maintain It

 One of the most annoying things about cleaning robots is that they, by their very nature, have small hoppers to collect debris. This makes sense as you don't really want a giant vacuum bot roaming your house. Having it designed to be discrete is the key with any device in this category, so the solution is to make it big enough to do the job and then return to the base station to recharge and empty the hopper.

DreameTech estimates that the DreameBot will be able to operate for up to 60 days without you doing anything other than staying out of its way.

map of living room

It's Smart Enough To Identify Obstacles

The pace of innovation in this market is absolutely incredible and DreameBot L10s Ultra is on the cutting edge. Compared to previous generations of cleaning robots that would literally bump into objects like a blind person and then feel their way around obstacles, this machine is PACKED with sensors that allow it to not just identify large items like a chair that might have been moved since the last round of cleaning - but also identify things as small as wires, toys, or even pets.

It does this by using the sensors to map a 3D view of its surroundings and not just a two-dimensional record of objects that it encountered previously.

vacuum bag in base station

It Actually Cleans Well

I know that seems like a strange feature to add to our review but honestly, this is the ONE THING that any product in the category should do well and yet far too many competitors end up being more gimmick than something that actually works. 

To be clear, this isn't a miracle worker ... if you track chunks of mud into the house, it may have trouble cleaning this perfectly in one round. However, for grime that I usually use a Swiffer stick to mop up in the kitchen, this does a very good job and avoids leaving wet trails in it's wake.

On top of all this, it is easy to control - either through the app, or through integration with Google Assistant and Alexa. Got an issue in the kitchen? Just tell it where to go and it is on the job.

When you first use a robot vacuum like this, you must change your mindset about cleaning. While you might normally only clean your floors once a week or as a reaction to a mess, here the DreameBot L10s Ultra is constantly working. As a result, dirt and grime is less likely to build up and dust, crumbs, or even small scraps of paper that might fall to the floor get taken care of quickly (depending on how frequently you have the program set to clean).

vacuum bagOne Final Word On The Base Station ...

Some reviewers have cited that they prefer bagless solutions offered by other products on the market. Personally, though, despite the cost and extra step of having to insert the bag - this bagged system is actually a benefit, not a con. By having a bag to contain the dust and debris, it helps avoid that junk going out into the air when you are ready to empty it. 

Likewise, it saves you from needing to wash out the plastic base station periodically.

All of this comes at a huge premium though. However, if you want the best out there, you need to be ready to pay for it. At a list price of $1,299 this is much more expensive than less capable competitors. For me though, I'd rather buy the right thing than be unhappy with something that I cheaped out on.

Whether you are looking to get this for yourself or you know a guy that would love a robot to take over his chores, make sure to head on over to the official DreameTech website for more information.