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I'm obsessed with indoor air quality right now, part of it is a response to being stuck in a house where we have to shut the windows due to weather - something we didn't have to do in San Diego, and partially because Jim's house has it's windows painted shut and sealed tight so even on beautiful days like earlier today ... there's no way to get fresh air aside from opening the front door. While we had a big, expensive air filtration system in his home ... at our condo in Michigan, we faced a similar issue and needed a good filtration system to get rid of dust and pollen without having to run our HVAC constantly.

That's why we were very excited when DREO sent us their latest - the Purifier Tower Fan 710S

20240411 201507

When it arrived, I was shocked to find that it was a massive piece of equipment. There was no way this could be discrete in a small condo. It is literally a full-sized tower fan sitting on top of an air filtration unit in the base. However, after just a few minutes of setting it up, I knew we'd be keeping it. 

You can head over to Amazon and check out more details about the 710S but here's the TLDR summary ...

Type Industry-First Dual-Motor Purifier Tower Fan
Performance Unrivaled performance with dual independently controlled motors
Wind Control Powerful wind up to 27ft/s, with capability of reaching up to 39ft
Purification Control Ultra purification with dual filtration system that traps 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 μm
Oscillation Ultra-wide 120° oscillation
Automation Simultaneous temperature & air quality automatization
Smart Control Control via DREO APP for modes, angles, schedules, and monitoring
Customization for Scenarios Suitable for large space purification, summer cooling, winter purification
Speed of Air Delivery Dual motor setup delivers 2.3 times faster winds compared to single motor setups
Auto Modes Two auto modes that adapt to changes in temperature and air quality

In summary, it's smart, powerful, connected to our smart-home network, and frankly, it's less noisy than I would have expected from something this large. It has also started to blend in more than I expected. Even though we invested in a fantastic HVAC system, there are a lot of times when simply you just want to have some air moving around ... not necessarily cold air, and that's why we love our fans.

20240411 201025

Powerful Air Filtration

What impressed me though was that the replaceable filter was of substantial quality and efficiency. My experience with most air purifiers that have come our way is that they fall into one of three categories ... ones that use UV light and/or Ozone to "purify" the air but not actually filter particles, others use collection blades that you need to wipe down but it's still a pain in the butt and it doesn't actually capture anything. Others do a combination fo the two. 

This unit, though, features a "True HEPA Filter" that claims to capture 99.97% of particles larger than 0.3 micrometers and remove them from the air. This is things like pet hair, dust mites, pollen, some bacteria, virus carriers, smoke, and smog as well. For me ... a foodie that loves to cook but without a properly vented (filter only) range hood, this air filter will help reduce food odors so that my neighbors don't complain about Indian and West African spices or even just the delicious aroma of steaks and chops.

Additionally, the filter is removable and so you can brush it off every few weeks instead of letting the debris cake up and reduce the functionality.

Not only does it have a strong filter but it features a dual fan system to pull the air into the filter and then push it back out. The max air volume is an impressive 1,558 CFM with a max distance of 39 feet. In our condo this is absolutely perfect to both keep the air circulating in our main living space as well as to reduce any of the cooking odors that might escape the range hood.

dreo 710s air filter tower fan

Smart Control

The next feature that makes me absolutely love this fan / filter combo is that it works great with the mobile app and connects easily to my Google Home network. Not only this but it also serves as a remote monitor so i can tell the temperature and air quality in the house. In fact, while it doesn't make much sense to keep it running when we're away for weeks at a time, we can have it turned on while we are in the car so that any dust in the air will be filtered out by the time we arrive.

I could potentially even set it to turn on for a couple of hours each day so that there wasn't a big job to filter out all at once.

Conclusion: I'm Impressed With The 710S Purifier Tower Fan

If you can't tell already, I'm impressed with DREO's latest product. It looks great and does what it says as well as fitting into my lifestyle very well. The MSRP is $299 but they are currently running a sale on Amazon to get it a bit cheaper so head over there and check it out!