Far Cry 6 review

Each time there is a new Far Cry game released, there's one thing for sure ... you're going to experience one of the most detailed outdoor environment action shooters that modern gaming hardware can deliver. That's true this time but the developers seem to have focused as much on innovation with tweaks that make the game that much better as much as they did with simply pushing the graphics to the point where it will consume every resource possible - even on today's top gaming machines.

Honestly at this point, while we reviewed it on a modest gaming PC and had a great time, I almost feel like this is a game that you might just simply be better playing on an Xbox or PS5 instead because it will be less about the hardware and more about simply exploring a rich landscape with an equally immersive storyline.

Far Cry 6 stands out with excellent story elements and a vast array of weapons to take the classic open-world shooter to the next level. This particular title has perhaps the most gorgeous open world with a thrilling level of action that Far Cry players have come to expect. The Island of Yara will captivate you and keep you engaged in an immersive experience as you dismantle the forces of Anton Castillo the ruthless dictator and main antagonist.

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Incredible Open World Environment

One of the most notable features of Far Cry 6 is the attention to detail in the most expansive open-world environment we have ever seen from the series. Within contain the thrilling main missions, and also countless side quests that will engage you with unexplored areas. This game can be considered a very therapeutic experience with the exception of all the chaos you have to cause to maintain balance. Aside from the gameplay elements, Far Cry 6 stands out as a meticulously designed game that is appealing and addicting. The art is beautiful and scenes shift very smoothly to new locations.


A Wide Variety Of Weapons To Choose

Far Cry 6 has some major diversity when it comes to what weapons you can wield. You have access to much standard weaponry, but there are also special unlocks that can enhance your game even further and give you a combat advantage. You can choose from the standard classes of weapons like assault rifles, SMGs, Snipers, shotguns, and even launchers. The weapons list is slightly overwhelming and it will take time to find your playstyle. Having more variety means more exploration and class troubleshooting to find that perfect build. The resolver weapons are rather hit and miss but exceedingly cool nevertheless.

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Guns For Hire Are Now Animal Companions

In previous Far Cry games there were human helpers to assist with various missions but those have now been replaced with animal companions such as a cute dog named Chorizo to distract enemies, crocodile Guapo ready to chow his way through enemy forces, and a punk rooster named Chicharron who is shockingly ferocious. 

This is an innovation that we really appreciate since it is fun, wacky, and a bit comical juxtaposed to the carnage and destruction that surrounds you as you fight your way across the island.

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Anton Castillo May Be The Best Far Cry Villain Yet!

The writing and acting for Castillo the main villain is superb and is the most entertaining and amazing evil character to hit the series yet! Not only is he "movie quality" but the dynamic between him and his son Diego Castillo offers an interesting angle that almost humanizes the characters that otherwise are as ruthless and nearly farcical as with every other Far Cry boss man.

Without laying any spoilers down, just know that he will give you a run for your money and his forces will take time and effort to put a dent in. However, the story progresses rather smoothly and evenly where you feel like things are moving along. There is a lot of chaos in this game, but it is contrasted with the elements of beauty and colorful art with amazing story writing to bring it to life!

Reasonably Paced Progression

The progression of your powers and efficiency throughout Far Cry 6 will be steady and you will always feel equipped to handle any challenges that Castillo throws at you. Far Cry 6 makes it a definite point that he is a truly evil villain that needs to be stopped at all costs. You will gain new weapons along the way to deal with his increasingly threatening forces. It will feel like you're accomplishing something over the course of gameplay and there are plenty of side missions and opportunities to obtain extra treasure to get a cutting edge throughout the campaign.

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Resolver Weapons Are Hit Or Miss, But Cool

These are some uniquely crafted weapons in Far Cry 6 that stand out and give you some interesting options like the Tostador which is a deadly flamethrower. There are many other ones that you unlock as the game progresses like La Sorpresa which will give you a lot of fun gameplay that releases multiple explosions. Keep in mind that these weapons aren't necessary to wield to complete the game. They are just fun additions that can aid you in varying circumstances. La Varita is a Resolver that has the ability to shoot through walls and is worth acquiring if you want a stress-free campaign.

The Map Size: Daunting For Some, Heaven For Others

The scale of the Far Cry 6 map is enormous and this is good news for those who desire that feeling of expansion. However, for some, it might be intimidating and perhaps difficult to get used to. There is a good navigation system so you can pinpoint the objectives but there's just a lot going on. This is an action-packed, chaotic, thrilling, and beautiful gaming experience that will keep you glued to the screen for hours that seem like minutes as you uncover the dark secrets of the bright island of Yara.

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Is It Perfect? No ... But If You Like Far Cry, You'll Love This

I'm a bit of a Far Cry fan since the very genesis of the series. The game style was just such an amazing eye-opener compared to the dudgeon based shooters that it launched itself against back in 2004. Since then, the basic game mechanics have remained somewhat similar but the really important ones improve each iteration - graphics, guns, and the awe of exploring a truely giantic and very detailed world.

However, some things still remain frustrating such as AI of the NPCs never really matches the sophistication of everything else in the game. Likewise, each iteration seems to offer innovations that while cool and fun initially ... can be frustating at the same time. In this case it is the fact that there's really no "easy mode" and the enemies level-up like you do. So for folks like myself who sometimes just enjoy blasting his way through a world with guns blazing and knowing that there's no danger ... well ... that's just not going to happen here without cheat codes.

That doesn't make this a bad game. Quite the opposite. I like it a lot but it's important to note the good along with the not so good.

Far Cry 6 is available now on pretty much every modern gaming system. Head on over to Ubisoft's website for links to buy a digital or physical media copy of the game for your preferred platform. For those die-hard PC gamers like myself who haven't invested mega bux to get the latest video cards and other hardware, Far Cry 6 is also available on Stadia and Luna.

If for some reason you are on the fence about buying it, it is also available on Ubisoft+ starting at only $14.99 / month. At that price, anyone who has enjoyed Far Cry in the past should absolutely check it out.