Benefits of Fishing With Your Son

Fishing is a great mixture of pastime, sport, interest, hobby, art, and science. Historically it is also an important skill that is critical to the survival of your family and a way for men to show that they possess the necessary talents to be considered a man. It is a peaceful thing to experience, something you can take pride in, and also something you can engage in to get away from the hardships of the world for a few hours. Today though, we can buy food from the market and fishing is more of just a healthy activity and way to spend some time on the water with clean fresh air. It is something that can be enjoyed by many no matter their age, gender, or career. Not only that, but there is a real skill to fishing. Easy to learn, hard to master is often the best phrase to use for this.

While fishing can be enjoyed solo or with a group of buddies. It is also a fantastic way to bond with your son. Many men have fond memories of fishing with their dads and there's no age that is too young or old to start. Even an adult father and son group can still experience many of these benefits of fishing together. But just what makes this mutual hobby so wonderful and worthwhile to experience? 

Planning and Preparation Gives Men an Opportunity to Talk

Sure, you could just head out on the water with no planning and no discussion of where or when you are going to go but that's not fun ... and you won't be successful. Proper planning and preparation in fishing is essential to an enjoyable fishing trip - just as it is in life. Depending on the style of fishing you plan to do, you need to have the right equipment, right time of year, correct location and ultimately the right spot on the water where the fish are. This includes a mixture of science and lore and it is a great opportunity for passing down knowledge from one generation to the next.

Assemble the Right Tools for a Successful Fishing Trip

From lures and flies to a rod, reel, and boat it's important to have the right gear with you. While some people might prefer to go old school and tie their own flies, others prefer to get them pre-made by a company like Don't forget sunscreen, hats and a fun balaclava to wrap around your heads too. Proper planning is a great way to talk about the importance of planning in life as well.

Spending Time Together On The Water is Quality Time

Think of how you might usually spend time with your loved ones. First, we find the time to do it. Then, we think of an activity to enjoy together. Perhaps we go to see a movie, eat in a restaurant, play a sport, perhaps start some arts and crafts together. Perhaps we want to learn a language, or spend time driving around the city, or simply go shopping. There are a range of practices and hobbies you can enjoy with your family members, and each second spent together helps you bond. After all, time is the most valuable resource any of us have, and to spend that on someone is often a profound statement of love.

If you wish to enjoy some of the activities - go for it! We’re not about to dismantle these activities and tell you you’re wrong for choosing them. But sometimes, you might want to experience something with a slightly slower speed. Perhaps you wish for your quality time to be more direct. This is where fishing can come into its own.

Fishing also gives you a sense of adventure for experiencing the great outdoors, something that can take you all over the world, and provides opportunities to get into other hobbies. Maybe you will travel with your children to South America and see the Potoo bird while waiting for a catch. Or check out the ice fishing spots of Norway under the rainbows of a geyser. The world is your oyster when fishing with a passion.

When fishing, you’re likely sat in a beautiful, peaceful environment. You’re likely on a secluded bank. Fishermen and women often naturally choose placements some distance from others, to ensure that each is given their fair share of a catch. So this peaceful setting, the low-activity nature of fishing, the patient wait for a reward and the meditative ability of sitting there naturally spurs conversation. Because it’s a relaxed, separate environment from the home, it can feel freeing to sit next to one another and talk. In fact, it might be the only time you’ve sat and talked without an external strong activity or distraction for some time. You might even have more security in bringing up difficult topics, such as how they’re finding school, or how you might approach teaching them a life lesson such as how to deal with bullies healthily.

However, there’s no need to think that your bonding is somehow impeded should you neglect to converse. Sometimes, sitting in silence next to your son can be its own reward, and can connect you on a level deeper than words. 

why fishing with your son is a good idea

Fishing Teaches Patience

With proper planning and equipment you should be able to find fish but there's often a lot of time between bites to relax and reflect. This requires patience and that's something that seems to be lacking in the current generation. Truthfully it was lacking in my own generation as well and fishing is a great opportunity to learn new ways to pass the time by talking, looking for patterns in nature and generally putting everything else in life into the correct perspective.

This might sound routinely boring. It isn’t. Fishing can be engaging, relaxing, and can melt your stress. It can also help you detach from the insanely fast-paced world in which we all find ourselves. Taking your time away from the internet, social media, and the digital world and instead breathing in the presence of beautiful nature is truly something remarkable to experience.

We often see news article after news article that seemingly decries how social media, smartphone use and video gaming can lead to children who struggle to actualize themselves, to get involved in creative hobbies, to spend any time outdoors or fail to learn drive as they should. Not only that, but depressive and anxious symptoms have also been linked to heavy social media use in the developing brain.

Bringing your son fishing can help them escape all that. It can lessen their developing need to always get a dopamine ‘fix’ from the next smartphone notification. It can help them feel more comfortable and at home in themselves. This teaches concentration, focus, and the power of observation. Does that mean you should spend this aforementioned six hours with your son to begin with? Of course not. Simply sitting there for thirty minutes with light conversation could be a victory. Over time, they will get used to this new pace, and it will help them feel comfortable in the stillness of nature.


Fishing Teaches Skills That Are Important For Life

We can easily forget that fishing isn’t always easy. It requires patience. It requires knowing your bait, knowing what you hope to catch, and knowing the waters. It also requires knowing the best fishing spots, how to keep yourself motivated when struggling to find that you hope for, and learning how to respect and care for your fishing kit.

No matter if you prepare and eat the fish you catch, or if you simply place them back into the water to live another day, you will also gain a respect and appreciation for these living creatures as fishing is somewhat like another form of hunting.

With this advice, we hope you’ll be planning your fishing trip in beautiful weather soon.