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sometimes it is worth spending extra to invest in a glamping tent

There's a classic romance associated with sleeping under the stars with only a thin layer of fabric offering you a bit of privacy and protection from the environement that surrounds you. Frankly, though, after a certain age - for many of us, the practical realities of camping begin to exceed the call of the wild, as it were. That's one reason why we've become supporters of glamping and cottage rentals as an alternative. However, there's a middle ground for avid sportsmen who still want that back-to-nature feeling and the freedom to set up wherever they want to go. An Outfitter Tent is exactly what it sounds like - it's the type of tent that a professional outfitter might set up for you on a safari trip to provide maximum comfort and enjoyment, especially when you'll be in the same spot for more than a couple days.

What Is An Outfitter Tent?

An excellent tent option for folks that want extra space for comfortble sleeping cots, dining space away from bugs and maybe even a toilet or food prep area is to invest in a quality Outitter Tent. These are sometimes known as Four-Wall Tents or Safar Tents and I personally refer to the general category simply as Glamping Tents since I'm no longer interested in roughing it. Heck, you can even find outfitter tents with stoves.

These shelters are a perfectly balanced choice when it comes to hunting trips, fishing trips, or setting up in the infield for an auto race. They also make a nice alternative to sleeping inside your RV - though in certain situatuions where bugs, snakes and bears might be a concern ... well ... maybe staying safe inside your RV still has some nice benefits!

Having such a tent, you can be sure of its durability and that it will provide you with a sufficient level of protection and comfort in the wild.

Let's take a closer look at what an outfitter tent is and why it is the best option when looking for reliable shelter for hunting.

Features Of An Outfitter Tent

The main feature is the vertical four-wall construction. This structure provides spaciousness inside and also gives additional headroom, making the shelter more comfortable to live in. These tents are a great idea for long-term camping.

Most often, outfitters are made from durable cotton canvas, which has a number of advantages, especially when compared to nylon and other materials used in most regular tents. In addition, outfitters have a durable metal or aluminum frame that supports the structure, making the tent resistant to bad weather and rapid gusts of wind.

Another useful advantage of using outfitters during hunting is that the fabric of such shelters is pre-treated. Thus, the material becomes more durable and reliably protects from snow, water, and moisture. As a bonus, the fabric itself is also mildew, UV, and tear-resistant, so you can rest assured that your shelter will last for a long time.

With the natural breathability of the fabric and space for a stove, the outfitter can be used at any time of the year. During the cold season, the tent will be warm, and during the hot summer months, it will not overheat.

Outfitters come in a variety of sizes and features, from small tents for one or two people to large group shelters with a few rooms, gear storage, and stoves.

outfitter cabin tent in west virginia mountains

Why Should You Choose An Outfitter Tent?

Outfitter tents offer a robust solution for outdoor enthusiasts seeking a durable and spacious shelter option. One of the primary benefits of these tents is their resilience against harsh weather conditions, including heavy rain, strong winds, and even snow, making them ideal for year-round camping in various environments. Additionally, outfitter tents are typically designed with higher ceilings and more substantial floor space, providing ample room for larger groups, storage of gear, and comfortable standing and moving around. This extra space is particularly beneficial for extended stays in the wilderness, hunting trips, or any outdoor adventure where comfort and practicality are key.

Many models also feature stove compatibility, allowing for a heat source inside the tent, which is crucial for cold-weather camping. The combination of durability, space, and the ability to accommodate heating options makes outfitter tents a top choice for those who prioritize safety, comfort, and versatility in their outdoor accommodations.


An Outfitter Cabin Tent Is Convenient For Camping With A Group

Since hunting trips often involve going into the area as a group, it is important that your tent is comfortable and has enough space. This is especially true if you are planning a trip with friends and someone may not have a suitable tent. Regarding space and group, outfitters do the job just fine. With vertical walls, extra headroom, and often division into sections, such a tent provides enough space for everyone to feel comfortable while sleeping and inside. Even if you ultimately have other tents spread around your site, having a big Outitter tend is sorta like having a suite at a bachelor party getaway, it's a place for folks to gather totjer                                                           

The key thing is to determine your needs and preferences in advance in order to choose a tent of the appropriate size and organization of the internal space.

winter tent camping with cabin tent outfitter tent

Outfitter Tents Are Designed For Adverse Weather Conditions

Whether you are looking to go out back country hunting or set up camp next to a river for some cold-weather fishing, these outfitter tends can be a great option. Due to the design, outfitter tents can often be equipped with extra features, for example, a wood-burning stove and division into different zones (for sleeping, cooking, and storing equipment).

Stable construction, durable materials, and additional amenities make the outfitter the best option when it comes to bad weather, high humidity, and sudden temperature fluctuations.

cabin tent outfitter tent in montana

Outfitter Is Perfect For Staying In Nature

The spacious interior is one of the main advantages of the tent. With ample headroom, space for stowing gear, and even a stove, such tents are the most comfortable option for long stays. Some even have "just like home" amenities like dividers for a bathroom space as well as closets.

Thus, if you are looking for a durable tent you can rely on when staying in the wild during fall or winter, an outfitter tent is the best option to consider. While there's certainly more that goes into creating a full glamping experience, gone are the days when you'll need to cram into a tiny tent and squeeze into a sleeping bag on the hard ground. No matter what you call this tent style - Wall Tent, Cabin Tent, Safari-Style Tent, or Outfitter Tent- one thing remains the same ... this is a much more comfortable way to enjoy the great outdoors!

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