Home DIY Jobs

Lockdowns and restrictions due to the Coronavirus pandemic have meant that many of us have decided to try our hand at doing the tasks that we used to call out the professionals for, whether that is decorating, home maintenance or building furniture. Now is not the time to try anything too drastic - the last thing you want to do is end up knocking a wall out and the rest of the house coming down with it, or to unscrew that pipe and end up with a waterfall in your kitchen. However, there are definitely some tasks that even a DIY novice can have a go at. Let’s take a look at some of them here.


Fix Blocked Drains

It is a pretty common problem. Our outdoor drains collect all sorts of debris - leaves and sticks from nearby trees, garbage blown in off the street and any food or hair that gets washed down the plugs in sinks which blocks those up. It is relatively easy to sort out though; in fact, you are likely to have most of the things you need in your kitchen. Bicarb of soda and white vinegar are superb drain cleaners. Pour the bicarb down the plug hole and wash it down with a good glug of the vinegar. Do this regularly, even if there is no sign of blockage - it will keep it clean and smelling fresh.


Repair Washers and Dryers

Obviously, some things you may need a professional to take a look at, but there are many tasks, changing fuses and filters and fixing door catches on washers and dryers that you can do yourself. You can find replacement parts for your dryer online so that you can repair it yourself and get back to the pile of laundry waiting.


Reseal Your Bath

Take a look around your bath - there is a good chance that the seal around it needs replacing. They go very yellow or show spots of mold very quickly, which not only looks unsightly when you are relaxing in the tub, but over time it eventually weakens the seal and leads to leakages. It is easy to replace though. First of all, you need to scrape away the old sealant with a Stanley knife. Be careful and make sure that you remove all of it. Use a cartridge gun to carefully and smoothly fill the gap between tiles and the tub. Do it in one stroke, and leave to dry for a day. It will look great!


Tackle Leaky Faucets

If you think that leaky faucet is, imagine how irritated you will be to find out that you could have fixed it easily yourself when it first started, without the need to call out a plumber. The chances are it is something as simple as replacing a washer. Shut your water supply off, feel for the little screw and replace the washer, which can be picked up really cheaply online or from a hardware store.

Use this time to learn some new skills and save some money by doing some simple tasks around the house yourself.