Here's what to look for if you are choosing a CBD oil

 At this point, most of us have heard about the benefits of using CBD oil products for health. Some of us may have even tried it for one of the myriad of different symptoms that it can help with - relaxation, muscle soreness, heart health, appetite etc. However, this article isn't to convince you of the benefits that CBD oil can provide but rather to help you navigate your way through the complicated and often confusing information that's out there.

It can be challenging today to pick the right CBD oil, but hopefully this article will help you make the right choices for the benefits you are looking for and the lifestyle that you want to lead.

CBD is the oil that comes from the cannabis plant. It has many therapeutic benefits and is used to reduce the symptoms of chronic conditions, such as anxiety, epilepsy, and cancer. This oil contains trace amounts of THC, so you will not receive the mind-altering side effects of marijuana. THC is the primary psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, and it is removed from CBD oil. 

While there are plenty of oils on the market today, you need to know which one will work best for you. Not all of these markets are created equal, and some may not be as effective as others, such as the ones produced by CBDfx. Also, you may respond to each CBD formula differently. As you try products, it is important to note the positive and negative side effects. Oral oils are especially important to research before buying. There are a few things you want to consider when shopping. Here are the most crucial factors. 

Choose a Reputable Brand

Many different companies sell CBD products. When choosing your products, look for a reputable brand. This can be challenging since most CBD oil brands are relatively new and are essentially startup companies vs trusted names that you might normally use for other supplements and health needs. 

Here are some easy ways to determine if the CBD oil brand is reputable:

The website is well designed and isn't overly promotional - this is somewhat subjective, but for the most part if you look at the website and see big bold copy promising tons of outlandish benefits ... that's probably not the most reputable company. However, if the website selling CBD oil products looks transparent with information about the products such as lab reports, sourcing, regulations etc. then they are probably putting the same attention to detail into the products they are selling.

The company offers a clear return policy and customer service support - a company that is confident in what they are selling will often stand behind the product, even if it isn't right for the customer who purchased it. Many consumers of CBD products right now are new and frankly not everyone knows what they need it for or what it will do. Having customer service available to talk before purchasing as well as a return policy in place if needed will help assure consumers that this is a reputable CBD oil brand.

Ratings and reviews - are the products rated and there are comments as well as just starts? Look to see if it is real reviews or just 800 5-star reviews. Real products with reputable companies will always have a handful of detractors even if the product is completely legitimate.

Media mentions and social media buzz - this isn't always the easiest and most legitimate way to determine if it a company is reputable. However, if someone is willing to write a blog post or create a video featuring the brand and that blogger or influencer is someone you trust ... then there's a good chance that it isn't a fly-by-night CBD oil brand that you should avoid. Be careful though, often times these mentions you see on Instagram as well as other channels are actually ads so looking around to see what your friends are using can be an even better method.

Take A Look At Pricing

Most CBD oils will be available for less than $50. To get a good understanding of the actual price of oil, compare the price per milligram. Cheap products cost less than 10 cents per milligram, average oils are 10 to 20 cents per milligram, and expensive items are more than 20 cents per milligram. While comparing these products, you will also want to look at how serving size, amounts, potency, and other ingredients affect the price. 

This isn't to say that a high price tag is going to be better or that a low price isn't going to be good. However, there are going to be different levels of quality within those different price ranges. That is something that could significantly affect the efficacy.

CBD Types

There are three different types of CBD oil on the market, including isolates, full-spectrum oils, and broad-spectrum oils. Full-spectrum oils are the most effective because they have the most number of cannabinoids working together. Additionally, they have trace amounts of THC, which can enhance the effectiveness of CBD. Full-spectrum products also contain proteins, fatty acids, chlorophyll, fiber flavonoids, and terpenes. 

CBD From Hemp vs Cannabis

CBD oil can come from multiple different sources but both come from the Cannabis Sativa plant. Two of the most common sources of CBD oil are from hemp and marijuana flowers and leaves. On a molecular level, the CBD oil that is extracted from these two different plants are essentially identical. However, from a production perspective, hemp is often "skinnier" and grown for the fiber as well as seeds, while marijuana is what you most commonly associate with cannabis, a lush plant with foliage and flowers. Visually though they can sometimes look similar and so from a legal perspective the definition is based around the THC content.

Hemp, according to the 2018 Farm Bill looks as hemp as cannabis sativa plants with less than 0.3% THC. On the other hand, marijuana derived CBD oil comes from plants that contain higher levels of THC. Generally speaking, marijuana plants often have less ability to render CBD oil though with industrial breeding and new strains that has is quickly changing. This is true for the THC potency too. 

For consumers though, the important thing is to look at the packaging and make sure to select a product that is right for them. Sometimes you may want to have a CBD product that has more THC and provides more relaxation or euphoric benefits while other times you just need the CBD and not the THC.

Third-Party Testing

Currently, the FDA regulation of cannabis does not guarantee safety or effectiveness. This can lead to CBD manufacturers putting inaccurate labels on their products. Therefore, you are going to need to take action to avoid buying something that is low-quality. You will need to do some research and find a high-quality product. Look for third-party testing results that indicate the formula is clear of contaminants and contains appropriate CBD and THC levels. 

Be wary of any companies that offer extreme results from their CBD products. Also, note that a product formula that worked well for your family member or friend may not have the same effect on you. If something doesn't work for you, look for something with different testing results. 

What Other Ingredients Are In The Product?

It is very common to see other ingredients in CBD oil such as hemp, hemp oil, or hemp extract. These ingredients are necessary to contain the CBD and act as a base. Sometimes, you may also find other ingredients to help with flavor, consistency, or enhancing health benefits. If you're looking for a particular flavor, you must look for the essential oil you want. If you're looking for added health benefits, you should search for a product with extra vitamins. 

You may also see perfumes, dyes, and other additives depending on what products you are considering. While you can find some products that are all natural, others may be highly processed. 

Cannabis Production

Look for products made with organic cannabis grown in the United States. Cannabis grown in the United States is subject to strict agricultural regulations. If the plant is grown organically, it means you will not consume any pesticides or other toxic chemicals. 

Different CBD Products For Different Needs

Finally, it is essential that you know what benefits you are trying to achieve by using CBD oil products. We've established how you can identify quality but now it is important that we take a look at how you will be using it. Simply put, this is like anything else in life. For instance, you wouldn't expect to cure a rash by taking a pill. CBD is the same way.

Oils and Tinctures - good for whole body benefits and typically have a base to hold and transport the CBD oil. This can be glycerin, oil, or alcohol and you administer it orally with a dropper or add it to food and drinks. Not only will tinctures spread the CBD oil throughout the body but it is also very fast acting when applied directly to the lining of the mouth such as placing below the tongue.

Edibles - these are similar to oils and tinctures in that they affect the whole body but since they dissolve in your stomach it can take longer to enter the blood stream and may have a delayed reaction.

Vaping - this is one of the fastest ways to ingest CBD but it is also one of the most disruptive and you - for obvious reasons - can't vape in many public spaces or hotel rooms where vaping is prohibited. 

Creams, Salves, and Lotions - these are applied topically and usually contain other ingredients designed to relieve pain or reduce inflamation. Since they are spread on a specific area of the body, CBD creams and lotions are generally intended to resolve specific problems in specific areas such as knee or back pain.

Overall, the best advice I can provide when it comes to choosing the right CBD oil is that you should do your research. Look online and check out different sites. If you go to a dispensary, ask the bud tenders or you can even just ask the customer service chat person on the website if you see that service offered. CBD oil can be a tremendous help for a variety of ailments and most providers welcome the opportunity to talk about how they can help you feel better.