How to Wash Dishes Like a Man

Cleaning dishes seems like something that wouldn’t be in a man’s repertoire but while writing this I asked around and discovered that in most of my friend’s homes it was the man that had this role. I know that’s sexist to assume that I was the only one that got left with this duty by my wife, but apparently it is more common than I expected. So, if it is going to be a man’s job – let’s do it right!

Real Men Wash The Dishes … Cascade Can Help!

There are a few different things involved with this topic including not just the chemistry behind getting rid of food particles on dishes, but also making sure that your dishwasher performs at its maximum potential for as long as possible. This isn’t just tidying up the house, it’s science and engineering too. To help ensure that’s the case, let’s start with a look at making sure you have the right detergent.

cascade dishwashing products

Use the Right Products to Keep Dishes Clean and Washer Running Right

Cascade makes some of my favorite products, including the Cascade Original ActionPacs – just place the ActionPac in the detergent spot and forget about needing to measure the right amount. The ActionPac is easy and simple since it's all set to go and and has the grease-fighting power of Dawn too.

While this is good for getting the dishes clean, your dishwasher itself needs help too. That’s where a good dishwasher cleaner comes into play. Over time, your dish washer may face buildups of grease, limescale and odors from food that has washed … or not totally washed out of the tub. That’s why you need a product like Cascade Platinum Dishwasher Cleaner to keep it running like new. Simply add it to your empty dishwasher the way you would an ActionPac and run the cycle. Use it once per month to keep everything clean and fresh. Not only will it look and smell better but the performance improvement will also result in cleaner dishes and less maintenance issues down the road. Finally, there’s the Cascade Platinum Dishwasher Rinse Aid. While the ActionPacs do a great job of cleaning for the ultimate spotless shine, a rinse aid is also needed. The rinse aid works by helping prevent dish water from clinging to the dishes during the rinse cycle. The result is that you’ll have cleaner looking dishes that dry faster with no water spots or streaks vs detergent alone.

Visit Walmart and to stock up on Cascade dishwashing products to keep your dishes clean and sparkling, and your dishwasher clean and sparkling, too.

For Maximum Cleaning Avoid Leaving Dishes Out After Meals

Modern dishwashers and detergents are pretty amazing. Honestly, dirty dishes that wouldn’t have been cleaned by the dishwasher when I was a kid, are easy to take care of today. That doesn’t mean you should though. Not only does leaving dishes out cause stains to set and food to harden but it also attracts bugs and can cause you to waste water by running multiple wash cycles or having to scrub it by hand.

rinse and scrub dishes before placing in washer

Rinse Your Dishes Before Placing into The Dishwasher

While you don’t need to pre-wash dishes like we may have growing up, a good rinse to knock off any major food particles makes it much easier for the dishwasher to clean properly. Removing food and grease from the dishes at this point also reduces the likelihood of grease building up or food blocking the drain and makes your dishwasher more effective at cleaning properly. Know What Dishes, Pots, and Pans Don’t Go in The Dishwasher While most items today are designed to be dishwasher safe, there are some products that must be hand washed. This includes some plastic items, as well as ceramics that can be damaged by high pressure water streams designed to clean and sanitize the dishes. Other items need to go on the top rack where it will be less likely to be damaged by the hot water. Your kitchen is different than mine, so the best advice here is to look at anything you might have concerns about and examine it for markings indicating if it is dishwasher safe or not.

Ultimately though, if you have doubts about it, then avoid putting it in the dishwasher and hand wash it instead.

Load The Dishwasher Properly for Maximum Water Flow

There’s a tendency to overload the dishwasher so you don’t have to do an extra load. Unfortunately, that’s just lazy and can result in having to do another cycle. Not only will this waste water and electricity but it wastes your time too. To avoid this, make sure items have space around them so water from the cleaning jets can reach and that silverware isn’t packed in too tight. Additionally, understand that items may move and vibrate during the cleaning cycles. Finally, make sure to avoid putting metal items next to ceramics or Teflon coated pans, where it could chip the coating.

wash scrub brushes and sponges in dishwasher

Wash Your Sponges and Brushes in The Dishwasher Too

Finally, make sure to keep those brushes and sponges that you used for pre-cleaning sanitary. This is generally easy to do by placing them on the top rack of your dishwasher during a wash cycle. Often times, I see these tools slimy and gross just sitting in the sink and I don’t want to touch it – much less use it to clean the dishes before putting it into the dishwasher. By cleaning it in the dishwasher you can ensure that they last longer and do their job better … plus it’s just nicer to hold a clean brush instead of a dirty one. With these tips, you are certain to be the king of the clean dishes, so wear that honor like the man you are!

Remember, real men wash the dishes and Cascade can help make it easy!

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