Xperio UV Sun Lenses

It used to be that sunglasses were sunglasses. No matter what you picked you'd be 'OK'. Today though, we live in an age where the sun is something we need protection from and do so with sunscreen, UV clothing, and of course UV lenses. The sun is still our friend, but we need proper protection to help make things more pleasant so we can enjoy life safely. 

Honestly, before this chance to try Xperio UV, I didn't know that there was a difference in lenses. However, recently I've started to get more into photography and I've quickly discovered that the camera body I bought is only one (important) part of the equation, but it's the lens and filters used that make as much difference in how crisp and clear the images turn out. 

lens difference

The same is true for Xperio UV lenses vs ordinary sunglasses too. While the image above is a dramatization, it helps to clarify the impact of having a high-quality polarization. Where ordinary lenses simply make things darker, these lenses will act to make colors brighter and objects sharper.

In fact, Xperio UV Lenses are specifically built for this purpose and have the maximum UV protection available - E-SPF 50+, are among the most scratch resistant lenses you can buy and are coated with a water-repellent layer to help reduce the buildup of water, oil, sweat, and dirt that we all know likes to accumulate on sunglasses lenses.

Beyond the visual benefits though, it's also important to consider the health benefits to your eyes.

Each Year, 3 million people go blind from the effects of prolonged UV exposure. UV Rays can also cause eye discomfort and inflammation as well as lead to cataracts, premature Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), premature wrinkles, sunspots, and even skin cancer on the eyelids (5-10% of all skin cancers!). Additionally, you can even get an "eye sunburn" or photokeratitis - just like UV rays can cause to your skin if not protected with sunscreen.

xperio 500x

That makes these the perfect lenses for driving since not only do they look sharp in the frames I selected, but because polarized lenses virtually eliminate the glare from roads, snow, water etc. it helps to reduce eye strain as well as frankly see the road better.

Xperio UV Polarized Lenses Can Improve Your Game!

Ok, so that may sound a bit over the top, but it's true. While my test case for these was driving around the canyons, coastal roads, and hanging out at the beach in Southern California, the reality is that Xperio UV lenses can help improve your game in a variety of different sports.

Golf: Polarized lenses will help improve your golf game by increasing the clarity of what you see from the tee to the green as well as enhancing definition and depth perception. Additionally, it can help reduce the glare off of bunker sand and water hazards to help you avoid them (or get out of them easier).

Sailing: We've already established the benefit of reducing glare on the water, but with the hydrophobic coating on the Xperio UV lenses it will also help repel droplets of water so you don't have to take your hands off the tiller or ropes to wipe them clear.

Skiing: Did you know that UV Radiation increases 4% for every 1,000 feet of elevation? When you are up in the mountains surrounded by snow, 80% of the UV rays are reflected back at you (compared to 15% on a sandy beach). By blocking this glare you will be able to see the difference between ice and packed snow even easier as well as judge the distance between moguls and other obstacles with improved precision, leading to a smoother path down the mountain.

xperio beerfest

In San Diego, we wear our sunglasses almost all the time and so it's critical to have good lenses that let you live life to the fullest. My "normal" glasses are Transitions (also produced by Essilor - the parent company of Xperio) because I needed something that would accommodate going in and out of buildings all day and frankly I love them for that purpose. It makes the bright sunshine tolerable vs having to squint and shade my eyes with my hand each time I go outside. However, I was very impressed with the difference that polarization makes when I am going to be outside for a while - a the beach, a beer fest, or driving.

NOTE: Xperio is available with Transitions, but not as a fully clear to dark tint like the Transitions Signature that I have currently.

xperio challenger

So, the net net of this test is that these lenses have got to be pretty good for me to use them to augment my Transition lenses and that's what these do.

I don't want to diminish anything with the Transitions because frankly I LOVE them - but they serve a different purpose than a purpose built sun lens that is designed for maximum sun protection and visual clarity.

Because of that, these new sunglasses have earned a permanent spot in the car (tucked safely in the glove box when not in use). These are my new driving, beach, and boating glasses. 

Xperio UV lenses can be added to any sunglass or prescription frames, ask your eyecare professional for more information. If you aren't sure if your eyecare professional supports these lenses, Xperio UV can help find an eyecare professional.