Armored BMW X7 by INKAS

The BMW X7 has built a reputation of luxury, power, and quality that makes it a symbolic high-end vehicle for individuals such as diplomats, politicians, executives, and VIPs. The vehicle’s OEM specifications make this model the perfect base for armoring, turning this luxurious SUV – the symbol of status – into a symbol of safety and protection. INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing is proud to release the world’s first armored BMW X7, offering exceptional protection and ultimate comfort.

The INKAS Armored BMW X7 comes with three turbocharged engine options to suit the needs of its clientele. The strong xDrive40i is powered by a 335-horsepower turbocharged inline-six-cylinder, while the powerful V-8 engine is available in either 523 or 612 horsepower. All engine options are equipped with eight-speed automatic transmission and paired with all-wheel-drive to provide torque and a smooth ride, regardless of the terrain and weather conditions. 

As a top-of-the-line vehicle, the armored BMW X7 boasts a powerful and elegant appearance, featuring athletic styling that both impresses and commands respect. The vehicle provides exceptional comfort for passengers for both urban drives and long commutes. The stylish BMW X7 offers spaciousness and functionality for its occupants including comfortable seats, adaptive cruise control, ambient lighting, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto compatibility, lane keep assistance and more. The vehicle comes with a variety of high-quality upholstery and decorative element choices to match individual preferences.

inkas armored bmw x7 06

 “We are thrilled that despite the challenges during this pandemic, INKAS is able to continue developing and extending our product line with high-quality and innovative products. It’s always a challenge being the first one in the industry to convert a specific model into a bulletproof vehicle, but it’s a rewarding venture,” said David Khazanski, CEO of INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing. “This first-ever armored BMW X7 is engineered with attention to detail and provides unparalleled protection and comfort for its passengers”.

inkas armored bmw x7 08

The INKAS Armored BMW X7 is equipped with high-quality and innovative ballistic armor, covering the vehicle with 360-degree protection. With INKAS proprietary armoring system, the vehicle offers protection from top to bottom, and even ensures that no bullets can penetrate the door seals. Meeting the CEN 1063 BR6 ballistic standard, the vehicle can withstand attacks from 7.62x51mm or .308 Winchester FMJ ammunition as well as protect from the explosions of two hand grenades detonated simultaneously. INKAS offers additional protective upgrades such as sirens and PA systems, air filtration devices, night-vision systems, smoke screen system, engine bay fire suppression system, and emergency lights packages.

inkas armored bmw x7 05

The new INKAS Armored BMW X7 is now available for worldwide delivery to all major seaports, or even airfreight upon special request.