modern minimalist design looks great in a bathroom

Regardless of the time of year, you want your home to be the light, airy, breezy house that everyone envies. We’re talking white walls, pale furniture and tons of natural light pouring through the windows. A light and airy home is inviting, it’s beautiful, it’s valuable and - most of all - it’s one which you can feel proud to live in.

The question is how to take it from a dull, dark house filled with dark furniture and wood and turn it into the bright and breezy home you’ve always envisioned yourself having. You deserve the very best when it comes to your home and if you can ensure that your house is something that offers you value, then you’re always going to want to stay there! Your home interiors should make you feel good and a house that embraces everything airy is one that will help you to feel like you’ve upgraded your whole life. Your house is costing you money, so you may as well spend some time making it as beautiful as possible. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at five interior design tips that are going to transform your house into the light and airy house you’ve always dreamed of having.

A Paint Job

The very first thing to do is to brighten the house with a fresh lick of paint. White is an exciting color to paint a house because it’s going to reflect the light and instantly brighten it up. You can paint every single room white and then add accents to make it look good. Contemporary ceiling fans, for example, can make a white lounge look like it’s been transported from the sunny shores abroad to the home in which you live. The change in something so simple like a lick of paint is immense, and you can embrace that with a paintbrush in hand!

 dining room with modern design

Let There Be Light

You’ve got ideas for lamps and ceiling lights, but what about the windows? It’s time to get rid of the drapes and window treatments and let the light shine in. The more you uncover your windows, the more light will flood through the room and make the entire space look fantastic. If you have the money and the time, replace the windows in the main living spaces with bigger windows. Cutting out pieces of the wall and adding more glass will let the light filter in, reaching bigger and better spaces in the room. 

When it comes to picking windows, it can be a little challenging to figure out what brand or contractor to go for. What you should be looking for is something that is strong, efficient, reduces energy transfer, and can easily be cleaned. This sounds like a lot, but windows such as Infinity from Marvin windows actually tick all of these boxes while maintaining a relatively low price. Windows these days are surprisingly feature-rich and we highly recommend that you do a bit of research before deciding on a brand or contractor to go with.

Remove The Junk

Clunky furniture and junk can overcrowd and clutter a space, and though you may love big pieces of vintage furniture, you need to think about how much of the white walls and the light you’re blocking with it. Remove the furniture and let everyone see the walls of the home. You’re going to give your space a far brighter vibe when you do this. If you still need the furniture in there, change it all out to lighter wood and paler pieces, you’re going to be able to see the light reflect even better off of it!

 For a good example of what furniture you’re looking for here, get online and check out pictures of a bathroom showroom or two to see how modern, contemporary designs tend to incorporate storage solutions into a bathroom. 


Add Accents

It can be tempting to go bold with brighter colors when you add accents into the home, but take a moment and think about what you’re doing. You need to add neutral accent colors to keep the theme of light and airy going. Think about earth tones, light gray and silver and even white cushions and throws to really thicken it all up. Textures in the same colors as the walls can really add something beautiful to the room and you won’t even have realized it!


Choose Minimalism

Some of the best advice out there talks about decluttering and reorganizing the space to be tidier and more uniform, and it’s excellent advice to take! The more you clean the space, the bigger the difference you make and you can finally have that clear-out you’ve been longing to do. The less you have in the house, the more airy it feels. White and light, textured and pale - they all do well to make your home look ten times bigger without even trying too hard. Don’t forget to add splashes of color here and there, even if it is as minimal as possible. It’s going to look better in the long run when you do this.

Your home deserves a facelift that makes it look impossibly pretty. When you go for light and airy, you’ll feel it, too. It also makes for an excellent way to sell your home!