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3M Privacy Filters

Ever sat in a crowded area and wondered who might be looking over your shoulder at your laptop screen? Even if you aren't working on some top secret CIA documents, chances are you value your privacy and want to keep things just between you and your laptop. That's where the 3M Privacy Filter comes in and there are versions of it available for desktop monitors, laptops, and even mobile devices.

Honestly I hadn't really given it much thought to visual hacking before, but I use fingerprint login for my phone, I have two factor security on my laptop, and I even have a travel router / firewall when connecting to public wifi at a hotel. I just didn't realize that something like this existed before but it's pretty cool technology.

3M Privacy Filters and Screen Protectors help prevent visual hackers from being able to see sensitive information displayed on your phone. Learn More About 3M™ Privacy Products

Visual Hacking is on the rise and it can happen by someone simply looking over your shoulder while you work at a coffee shop, or it can even happen with someone using a high-powered camera from a distance away. The goal of the privacy filters is to obscure the information on the screen unless you are looking directly at it. This provides an extra layer of visual privacy and reduces the risk of sensitive information such as passwords or even trade secrets in emails being revealed. Learn More About Visual Hacking

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On a plane, I find that it gives an extra element of privacy since some movies may have content that you don't want everyone to see. I'm not talking about watching an NC-17 movie in public, but a lot of movies have certain scenes that I just don't want the kid in the row across from me seeing. Plus, frankly it's just my movie, my video game, my emails and I want to keep prying eyes out of my business.

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3M Privacy Filters come in Black where the sides of the screen are blacked out unless viewed straight on, or in Gold. The Gold version gives an even more clear image for you, and provides a reflective vibrant golden look when viewed from the side. Frankly I like the gold because it looks cool, but either one is going to help protect you from visual hackers.

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