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June is Employee Wellbeing month and while I have a home office, it's important to remember that there are things we can both do to make our offices a better place to be. Often overlooked is the importance of how we sit, but the folks at BackJoy are on a relentless campaign to help correct that, including their 10-Day Employee Wellbeing Challenge. 

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To signup, simple visit their 10-Day Employee Wellbeing Challenge page this month and signup for a series of tips on how you can be healthier and more productive at work.  Signup is simple - visit the page and then enter your email. For the next 10 days, you will receive one email per day with tops and valuable resources on how to improve your health at the office. Additionally, you'll be able to get other free resources including tips on how to stretch better, exercises to prevent back pain and how to setup an ergonomic workstation. Even better is that they will be giving away a pack of products to one grand prize winner and throughout the month they will have other smaller giveaways!

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BackJoy does more than just train people on how to be more comfortable at work. They also have a variety of products designed to help your body too. We had a chance to check out the SitSmart Posture Plus and it's pretty cool. Initially, when it arrived it seemed awkward but after trying it, I understood how it was designed to work. 

By helping to tilt your hips upward it better positions your pelvis to align with your spine so there's less awkward compression. While we're talking about wellbeing at the office, this product will also help you in virtually any chair, including car seats and even in the living room where I know many of you spend time watching TV after work. :)

Other products they offer include travel pillows, posture sandals, and massagers. These guys are the experts in taking care of your back, so head on over to their 10-day Wellbeing Challenge and check out their tips today, and after that, you might want to also check them out on Twitter and Facebook for even more ideas on how you can help keep your back happy!