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Camera drones are all the rage right now and they are typically hundreds dollars or more and require a license to fly. For those of you that just want to play around though or for those that want to see if this is something you actually want to invest in, the MOTA JETJAT Nano-C is perfect option.

MOTA's JETJAT Nano-C is world's smallest and lightest camera drone - a mere 32 x 32 x 22 mm and weights only .6 oz but it includes a camera capable of recording video as well as still shots and saving them on a micro SD card. Just to hammer home how small this drone is - the FAA regulations call for registration of anything over 250 grams (8.8 oz), this thing is 10% of that!

Despite it's minuscule size, the drone is rated to be able to fly 80 feet away from the operator and even includes LED lights for night flying. While my uncoordinated hands had trouble keeping it steady, Jonathan from Two Monkeys Travel Group was able to master flight pretty quickly.

drone controller

It includes a 6-axis gyro and controller that resembles a tiny video game control pad, and honestly, I was surprised at how complete the packaging was, too.

Package Contents

  • 1 JETJAT Nano-C Drone
  • 1 Remote Control
  • 1 Charging Cable for JETJAT that lights up to let you know it's charging
  • 1 Set of Extra Propellers (if you've watched my video below, you'll be thankful!)
  • 1 2 gb microSD card that can record up to 30 minutes of video.
  • 1 SD to USB adapter

drone breakfast

It's So Small We Flew It in Our Suite During Breakfast!

I've done a LOT of things in Vegas but this was one of the most strange!

I apologize to the guys at MOTA - the video quality sucks in the video above since we were shooting right into the light from a window. In other conditions where you don't have that situation (outdoors or indoors away from a window), the quality is actually pretty good. This isn't a GoPro by any means but it's a lot of fun!

The MOTA JETJAT Nano-C can be purchased on their website for only $49.99, so it makes a perfect gift for any guy you might know and a perfect Father's Day present as well.