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LED Motion Light

Sure, everyone knows that motion activated lights can be good for use at home - and I have one in the kitchen next to the fridge since it makes things easier than having to turn the kitchen lights on/off manually. But here's an idea that will be good for anyone who travels regularly. Bring them with you for use in hotel and cruise ship bathrooms too!

There are so many times when I stagger into the bathroom at night and don't want to wake up completely but that thought is obliterated when I turn the light on. Suddenly the bathroom (and often the rest of the space) is illuminated with light causing Heather to roll over and groggily ask if everything is OK. The alternative unfortunately is to risk tripping over a ledge (especially dangerous in a cruise ship bathroom!) or missing the toilet entirely, since lets face it you are tired and probably not paying attention completely.

led motion light kitchen

That little bit of light helps make things easier without forcing you to stumble trying to find the main light switch or forcing your eyes to re-adjust. Also, for those of us who are lazy, it's nice to know that it will go off again automatically vs getting all the way back to bed and realizing that you forgot to turn the light off.

tables and chairs can be dangerous without a motion light

Jasco has a variety of different motion sensing LED lights with different output as well as looks, so you're sure to find the one that's perfect for your house or travel plans.

Now you've got a chance to win some of your very own Motion Activated LED Lights from Jasco.


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