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TV Shows at Comic-Con

Comic-Con is over for the year, but here's some things you might have missed if you weren't one of the 130,000 people that invaded San Diego last week. I'm glad it's over, but now the fun part is sorting through trailers that were released, swag that was gotten, and photos that were snapped hoping to make some sense out of this event that at one time was a "comic" convention but is now a mashup of TV and Movie press junket, cosplay festival, and all around geek spring break. 

What's frustrating though is that while you can't help but be bombarded by messages for one show or another you never know more than the name unless you wait in line for the panels or watch the videos and trailers when you get back. So, that's what I did and here's my thoughts on some upcoming shows you won't want to miss ...


There's no shortage of sci-fi(ish) mystery shows right now, but Blindspot looks pretty interesting. Essentially a woman is found in a bag in the middle of Times Square and emerges from it with no memory, but covered in fresh tattoos that provide clues to future crimes. It's sort of reminiscent of La Fem Nikita in that she turns out to be a pretty bad ass lady that can run, jump, shoot and more with the best of them. Look for it on NBC, Premieres at 10/9 Central on Sept. 21.


Fear The Walking Dead

If you like The Walking Dead already, you're going to want to see this. Set in Los Angeles it appears to show the story of how the plague started and how society fell to pieces. In the original series, they showed clips of what happened in Atlanta but it looks like we'll get to go through the whole process with this all new group of characters. Look for Fear the Walking Dead on AMC starting August 23.


Colony was everywhere during Comic-Con this year - from military transport trucks being run by Uber to bikes and bike stations featuring the branding to thousands of people walking around with red berets it was tough to miss these guys and I hope the show is as good as the marketing. For me though, it will be great to see "Sawyer" (Josh Holloway) from Lost back on TV. Plus, with executive producer Carlton Cuse (writer of Lost) on board this show is building up some high hopes in my mind.

The plot is basic enough - aliens come down and humanity is divided between helping them or being part of the insurgency. Colony will launch on USA channel this fall.


Ash vs Evil Dead

Featuring Bruce Campbell, I have to admit that this is one of my top picks since it features quirky humor along with the campy horror you would expect and it will be back each week on Starz. I couldn't possibly describe it more than that. Just go watch the trailer above! Look for it on Starz this fall.