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auto auction salvage deals tips

Purchasing salvage cars can be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time buying from a ABB salvage auction. Although salvage vehicles for sale tend to have some level of damage, do not let this steer you away, as most salvage cars can be repaired back to roadworthy condition. Buying salvage cars can save you thousands and the best part is, they’re easy to get from online car auction sites such as … With the right site you can enjoy a seamless bidding and buying process.

Would you like to know how you can save money when buying salvage cars from an online auto auction? Then, sit back as we walk you through how you can go about saving thousands. If you’re looking for where to buy salvage cars at an auction near you, we suggest you to browse A Better Bid, with locations where to buy salvage cars with auto insurance; feel free to browse the website of A Better Bid.

How can I save money when buying from car auctions?

This is a question that many first time auto auction attendees ask, so let's take a look at some simple tips to help you bid correctly.

Conduct research

Is there any justification for buying a used car without prior research? Obviously, no. If you want to purchase used cars from online salvage autos safely, you must research the auto platform and car you want to buy. This is the first rule, and it is golden. Do well to find out about car cost and maintenance, payment and delivery method, auction charges, and purchase location, among others. You must be two steps ahead so that nothing catches you unawares with cars and bids.

Set and fix your budget

Going into an auto store with an open checkbook isn’t a nice move. First, you must set and fix your budget so you won’t spend overboard. You should also include additional fees, repair, and shipping costs if you need shipping. Furthermore, ensure you do not allow your excitements to overshadow your judgement. Finally, always know when to back out if you have reached your bidding limit. Never get carried away.

Be open-minded

While conducting your research, you should focus on a range of cars that suits your taste, style and needs. A list of two to three used car options is usually good. The information you gathered during your research will help you better understand which one will be the best fit for you. Also, this will help you look at the total cost of the car and if it fits your budget. Thus, choosing the most cost-effective option.

Watch out for heavy car damages

Buying heavily damaged salvage vehicles seems cheap initially, but the cost significantly increases in the long run. Also, you might need to spend more on transportation because of having to truck the car from the auto auction place. In addition, you must avoid fire-damaged cars because it is usually difficult to predict or estimate how much you would be required to spend to make the car road-worthy again.

Where can I buy a salvage car with guaranteed savings on money?

Perhaps you are asking where you can buy a salvage car with guaranteed savings on money. The answer is simple: A Better Bid. A Better Bid is a 100% online car auction marketplace offering over 200,000 vehicles daily, featuring clean, salvage, wrecked, repairable and rebuildable cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, boats, and more at wholesale prices.

We are the best salvage car auction you can buy from and have your vehicle delivered to your door after bidding from the comfort of your home. As registered Copart brokers, we give our members direct access to bid on wholesale auction vehicles that are normally only available to dealers. With inventory coming from insurance, rental, finance companies, bank repos, abandoned vehicles, fleet, and dealerships, all without a dealer license. So, why would you miss the opportunity to save money by buying from us?

Listed below are other online salvage car auction marketplaces options that you can explore, though we offer better services and superior deals that you cannot afford to miss.

Clark County Auto Auction

CCAA serves the Southern Indiana, Southern Ohio, and Kentucky markets. They specialize in selling bank and finance company repossessions, lease remarketing, rental car fleets, new car dealership trades, used car dealership trades, donated vehicles, government vehicles and corporate fleets. CCAA is a dealer-only auction, hosting live consignment sales at the auction facility and online every Wednesday. CCAA is an industry leader in online sales utilizing its various online marketplace platforms and consistently ranks in the top 10 nationally on OVE for dealer cars sold.

Waukegan Auto Auction

WAA serves Chicago, Waukegan, Rockford, WI, Racine and Milwaukee. They specialize in selling cars, trucks, SUVs, vans and other vehicles without requiring anything special to place a bid. They allow anyone to purchase used vehicles the same way used car dealers do and have hundreds of good pre-owned cars and trucks.

Indiana Auto Auction

IAA has become a driving force in the salvage autos remarketing industry, serving Detroit, Chicago, and Indianapolis. They have continually grown and added new services to meet and exceed their customers’ expectations. IAA has a variety of services available to their customers as well. From reconditioning to titles, IAA has its clients covered. All of their services are in-house, making taking units off the property unnecessary.

National Auto Auction Association

Lastly, you can buy at NAAA member auctions worldwide. NAAA is a private, non-profit association founded to nurture and safeguard the auto auction industry in the United States. NAAA is a large, dynamic and diverse group of professionals representing all segments of the vast remarketing salvage auto auction community. NAAA has more than 348 domestic and international auctions that offer auction sales, reconditioning facilities, special dealer services, and title and office processing.


This piece has enlightened you on how to save money when buying at an online salvage car auction. Guess you are convinced that you can potentially save a lot of money. All you need to do is follow the above information before placing that bid. Furthermore, you should ensure that you buy from the right used car auctions.

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