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Peogeot All Terrain BBQ Pepper Mill

One of the things that I love about doing what I do here at ManTripping is that we get introduced to all sorts of different brands - fresh faced startups trying to disrupt an industry to established companies with decades of experience., Sometimes though we discover brands like Peugeot that are a mixture of both and have a product offering I'm shocked to have never worked with previously. In this case it's their quirky "All Terrain BBQ Mill" and combined with their library of different types of pepper, might just be one of the coolest gifts for guys that's out there this year!

bbq mill

Most of you who just read that are pausing for a moment to go re-read what I just wrote and trying to figure out if they read things correctly. Yup - I did too and so let's clear that up at the start. Long before the Peugeot company began to make cars - the brothers had created a company based around producing quality cutting and milling tools. This started in 1810 when they converted the family flower mill to steel and later in 1840 they made their first coffee mill. In the decades since then the brand has also produced electric appliences including the first Food Processor.

As an American, frankly I've never thought about whole the maker of a fine peppermill product like this is since that's usually the realm of a waiter asking if I want fresh pepper on my Caesar salad or what not - or I just use an electric grinder because it's fast, cheap and easy ... ah les Americans! I hear my French friends muttering smuggly.

Now though, after feeling how smooth the mechanism can be and the luxurious feeling of holding a piece of fine engieneering like this, my opinion has changed a bit. I feel like a fine pepper mill like this is a obvious addition to my kitchen gear and for anyone who likes to add fresh pepper while grilling, this is is a great addition to their kitchen.

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About The BBQ Pepper Mill

The BBQ pepper mill from Peugeot stands out as a unique and innovative kitchen tool that any guy who loves to cook should have in his arsenal.

With its rubber protection and stainless steel base, it is designed to withstand intensive outdoor use and resist impacts, making it an all-terrain kitchen gadget.

One of the most notable features of this pepper mill is its LED light, which automatically activates when the mill is tilted to a 25° angle. This feature is not only innovative but also energy-efficient, as the light gradually turns off when the mill is returned to a vertical position. The LED light is designed for longevity, offering at least 20,000 on/off cycles before the batteries need changing. This makes the pepper mill not just a tool for grinding pepper but also a convenient light source in low-light conditions.

For barbecue enthusiasts, the BBQ pepper mill is more than just a gadget, it's a game-changer that enhances the outdoor cooking experience. Its design and functionality are tailored to meet the needs of outdoor cooking, making it a valuable addition to any barbecue setup. The pepper mill is not only functional but also environmentally friendly, with wood sourced from French PEFC-certified forests and the use of water-based paint and varnish.

For me, it's these details that made me step back and go wow I never knew I needed this but damn I'm glad I have it now! When you combine this incredible engineering and design with the fact that Peugeot offers a wide variety of premium peppers, this is the ultimate gift for any foodie on your list.

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Key Feature Highlights:

  1. Made in France, ensuring quality and craftsmanship.
  2. Specifically designed for outdoor use, perfect for barbecues.
  3. Peugeot’s first manual pepper mill with an innovative built-in light.
  4. The light activates at a 25° tilt and deactivates when vertical, for convenience.
  5. Equipped with an energy-efficient LED light with a long battery life.
  6. Features a handle for easy portability and storage.
  7. Built to be impact-resistant, suitable for intensive outdoor use.
  8. Constructed with wood from French PEFC-certified forests, promoting sustainability.
  9. Finished with water-based paint and varnish, environmentally friendly.
  10. Offers a classic grind adjustment system and comes with a lifetime warranty for the mechanism and a five-year warranty for the pepper mill itself.

 Priced at just under $100, and featuring a Lifetime Limited Guarantee on the mechanism (when used with the spices it was designed for - "For grinding black, white, green, red and pink peppercorns (up to 15% in a blend) as well as coriander seeds." This Peugeot All Terrain BBQ Pepper Mill is a someting you gotta check out before it's gone.