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Phiaton BT 120 NC Curve Earphones

I get a lot of pitches for earphones and there is quite literally a box under my desk with the discarded samples that I offer to friends with they come over. These new ones from Phiaton though have earned a spot on my desk and especially when I'm on the go. Simply put, they sound great, are comfortable in my ear, light enough that they don't feel awkward on my neck and with the active noise canceling I can quite literally turn off distracting noises around me.

For some people, active noise canceling isn't really a big deal. However, I live in an urban environment and there is always a din. For those of you who haven't used active noise canceling headphones or earphones before, the technology still allows voices or dog barks to get through. However, what it does is virtually eliminate background noise like construction noise, chatter on the street, automotive noise etc. When traveling by plane it also helps eliminate the background noise from the aircraft so you don't have to play your music as loud.

When working at my desk, I normally use a nice pair of closed back studio monitors that are well insulated so no noise gets in. The problem with this and other over the ear products is that it's bulky and inconvenient to use when walking around. Plus, those products are typically not designed to work with your phone or laptop and most of the heavily insulated ones are also wired.

These BT 120 NC Curve earphones from Phiaton satisfy virtually every need that I have when it comes to casual audio consumption.

phiaton bt 120 nc earbuds white

Phiaton BT-120 NC Curve Features:

Wireless Bluetooth 4.2 - this is the latest standard and is fully backward compatible with older devices and it allows for a 10 meter / 33 ft range.

Quick Charge and Long Battery Life - 5 hours / 8.5 hours of call or music time with NC on. Plus you can charge 1 hour of use in only 5 minutes. It charges by a standard micro-USB plug for easy compatibility.

Active Noise Canceling - Phiaton promises the technology is able to block 95% of ambient noise.

IPX4 Sweat and Water Resistant - this isn't something to go swimming with, but you'll have no trouble at the gym or if you get stuck in the rain for a few moments

Vibration Notification - if you have the earphones around your neck but not in your ear, you can be alerted to incoming calls through a vibration.

Wireless Calls and Music With Ability to Connect with Smart Assistants - this seemed to work with both Cortana when connected to my laptop and Google Assistant when connected to my Android phone. Simply press the power / answer call button for two seconds (3 seconds will turn the device off) and the assistant will come on awaiting your command.

Can Connect with Multiple Devices - As I'm writing this, my phone and my laptop are both connected to the BT-120 NC allowing me to hear updates from both devices while listening to music.

What's the Bottom Line on the Phiaton BT 120 NC Earphones?

If you are looking for a great set of earphones, these are a must buy. I can't promise you any sort of audiophile tests and benchmarks but there aren't a lot of options for high-quality noise canceling earphones. Comparable options such as the Bose QuietComfort 30 are more than 3x the price.

When you take that into comparison, these Phiaton BT-120 NC earphones are a great deal at only $79.99 on Amazon or visit the Phiaton website for more information.