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smart water bottle from waterh

Do you believe that you're keeping up with your hydration needs? Sure, you carry around a water bottle and there's maybe even a bigger one on your desk - but how much are you actually drinking? That's the core concept behind Smart Water Bottle from WaterH. It monitors your fluid intake, reminds you when it's time to hydrate, and even offers personalized hydration advice. It may not have the most volume or the best insulation, but its tech-friendly attributes and sturdy form make it stand out as an option for someone who needs to be reminded to drink enough water during they day.

So, whether you're into fitness, always on the go, or simply health-conscious, the Smart Water Bottle is set to reshape your hydration routine. Let's Go ahead and get familiar with this game-changing gadget.

WaterH has been producing a variety of innovative water bottle designs but has mostly focused on the utility aspect of purified drinking water for active outdoors folks i.e. the kind who might need to dip the bottle in a cool mountain stream and use the filter straw to extract any bad stuff that might be in that water.

Now, they are shifting gears to a more indoors customer - the ones who sit at a desk all day when they aren't traveling home or working out in the gym. Too many Americans simply don't drink enough water and so this is an important area to focus on that too often gets ignored. In fact, recent studies show that 47% of U.S. Adults consume less than 3 cups of water daily vs the recomended amount of 15.5 cups for men

While there are a variety of factors involved here and racial, economic, and educational factors play heavily into what populations are consuming more water as part of their diet, the fact remains that Americans need to drink more water.

WaterH's Smart Water Bottle plays to this need as an innovative solution but quite frankly it feels a bit like preaching to the choir since I feel like - compared to myself who has a 48oz insulated mug on his desk - people like my Father In Law prefer to drink pop, fruit juices, coffee and other flavored beverages instead of nice refreshing water. In fact, studies show that older men drink less water than other populations while younger, highly educated, and weathier people tend to drink more.

So when you think of this product in that perspective - I'm honestly not sure if it makes sense except for those people who simply like gadgets.

smart water bottle details

So, How Does The Smart Water Bottle Work?

The core of the Smart Water Bottle is a 530ML dual walled stainless steel water bottle. This is about 18oz, the standard size for a small handheld bottle and only slightly larger than the standard "Pop Bottle" size that you might get as part of a six-pack in the grocery store. For folks like me, that's simply not addequate and would realistically reflect one or two hearty sips.

Inside the bottle is a suite of sensors including on that uses a TDS (Total Disolved Solids) sensor to help tell you about the composition of the water you are about to drink. Generally speaking, you want less "stuff" in your water and so this is something I can actually see myself keeping with me in the car when visiting hotel rooms and cruise ships where I try to avoid using bottled water.

While TDS will not tell you about bacteria and specific chemicals - only that there's a certain level of "stuff" in the water - most municipal water systems are safe from a bacterial perspective. It's disolved solids from pipes and plumbing fixtures that you need to watch out for. In this situation, it would be great to use this to test before gulping down some untested water at the end of the day :)

From here, there are two other pieces that make it a "Smart" water bottle, the first is the cradle that recharges the sensors built into the base of the bottle and the other component is the app which you can install on your Apple or Android phone.

This is ultimately where the magic happens - inside the app is a litteral "hydration coach" that helps you identify the amount of water you need to drink on a daily basis. This in turn can connect with your smart watch to give you a gentle reminder that it's time for a drink, or the bottle itself will emit a gentle glow so you can get a reminder visually.

Drinking plenty of water has a a wide variety of mental and physical health benefits for men and it's also an essential part of self care that is extremely easy to do. 

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So, Is It Worth $59.99?

Honestly, it depends - you can purchase a water bottle of similar quality and design aestetic (the bottle looks great and is easy to hold with it's rippled texture), for about $20-30. So that leaves it about twice the cost of a "dumb" water bottle and for a lot of you out there, that's going to be a deal killer unless you travel to places and are ok using tap water instead of bottled - in which case hydration coaching probably isn't a concern of yours.

Personally, I sit somewhere in the middle here between the nerd that really appreciates what the team has done here and the practical realization that my review sample that they sent will likely remain in my car as a backup bottle.

However, for someone who is looking for an interesting gift idea for a guy in their life who is into health and fitness, this is a great idea. At $59.99, the WaterH Smart Water Bottle makes an affordable gift for a man that shows you care about his health and hope he continues to live a long and happy life.