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colorado work truck

It doesn’t matter if you need a new truck because you are expanding your business or just need something a little bigger for home projects and the occasional commission. If you’re looking for a new truck and thinking about what really makes sense to you, here are some tips on choosing your next truck. 


This one is much easier to answer if you are used to towing the same types of things. If not, you’re going to have to do some good guesswork! Will you be towing smaller items like small, light trailers, or will it be things like boats? Or will you be hauling heavyweight equipment? 

The weight that you need to carry will make a big difference to the trucks that will work for you - and the ones that won’t. If there is even a small chance you will occasionally need to carry heavier items - look for trucks that can handle that. 


For those that have a business, having more seats in the cab can be a good idea - because it means that you will be able to transport more of your workers to the right place. Carpooling, or in this case, truck pooling, can be one of the most cost-effective ways to get the maximum number of workers on-site at the same time. 

Keep in mind that when you have more seating, you are adding length to the wheelbase, which makes regular parking an issue. So, if you live in a residential area with limited parking and don’t have the storage for a bigger truck - you’ll need to consider what is more important. 

Rent one

Before putting any money down to buy a truck, it can be incredibly beneficial to look into 3/4 ton truck rental and rental of other potential vehicles. You’ll get a feel for how much of an impact it will make on your business - and if it is something that you still want. And it might even be the case that renting the truck when you need it instead of buying it can be more beneficial in general. 

New or Used

There are downsides to buying, as well as upsides. But the downside can be worth keeping in mind. When buying used trucks, there is a good deal to be had, but the problem with used trucks is that they aren’t going to last as long as new ones. 

Used trucks often have emissions that are over what is acceptable for many states - and they tend to cost more to keep in good working order. With a new truck, the moment you drive it off the lot, it instantly loses its value - and when it comes to selling time, you aren’t likely to get a good return on it. 

Your budget will ultimately decide if you are going to be buying new or used, but there are pros and cons to both. 

Paying Cash Or Financing? Which One Is Better When Buying A Car? 


You've done your homework and looked at fuel economy, truck bed measurements, cab styles, and hauling capacities. Now, think about the little things that make your workday more comfortable and enjoyable. Which kind of material works best for seats? 

Would extras like toolboxes for keeping equipment and spare parts organized or an overhead rack system for moving big ladders or lengthy pipes help your company? Convenience features like cruise control and electric door locks may also be advantageous.

Whatever extra qualities you are looking for in a work truck, keep in mind what you need, your business, and your surroundings first. To help you select the greatest work vehicle for your unique requirements and, ultimately, the highest return on your investment, ask yourself these seven questions.