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Keil Hill Land

What do you get that guy who has everything? He already has the latest gadgets, the best clothes, and a collection of Scotch whisky's that rivals the bar down the street. The simple answer is what every guy has thought about at one point or another - prestige in the form of a real legal title. "Doctors" are a dime a dozen these days, but how many Lords, Lairds, and Ladies do you know? Now you can give someone that honor easily and it's totally affordable.

This is actually a funny and personal thing for me as well. Having noticed that my cruise ship reservation actually gave the option to refer to Heather and I as "Lord" and "Lady" I selected it. The agent was not amused and told us that it had to be legally our titles since there were actual Lords and Ladies that sailed on Carnival. Somehow I doubted that was true, but alas I removed my title and went on with my life.

Flash forward a few months and thanks to Highland Titles I am now officially a Lord of Glencoe Wood in Scotland and I can proudly list that title in my next cruise booking!

lord of glencoe

Granted, my estate is only approximately 1 square foot but it counts. This is the perfect stocking stuffer. I've gotten a ton of great gadgets and other gift pitches this Christmas season but I think this is my favorite because it's just fun and something that I can share and laugh about with friends.

Highland Titles plot sizes range from one square foot to 1,000 square feet. When buying a one square foot plot, the consumer will receive: The title of Laird, Lord or Lady; A legal title deed for your land ownership, on velum parchment; Master Title Deed to change your title on bank accounts, driving license and other ID; A map of Lochaber, directions and instructions on how to visit/find your personal plot; Information and pictures of the area, Lochaber and our conservation project; and a bumper sticker for you to proudly display your new status (Laird, Lord or Lady).

Plots start at only £29.99 for one square foot of land and go up to £499.99 for 1,000 square feet.

Just in case you don't believe me - Highland Titles isn't just some BS place that they hope you will never visit. Instead, the folks at Highland Titles actually encourage Lairds to visit their plots. The land you own is actually part of the Highland Titles Nature Reserve and so this is a great excuse to visit Scotland.