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Klydoclock is a new interpretation of that classic "clock on the shelf"

Klydo, a visionary tech startup, has released the fun and revolutionary Klydoclock, a groundbreaking amalgamation of digital animation and timekeeping that is reshaping the way we perceive both the fourth dimension and our personal spaces. With a resounding launch on Kickstarter, the Klydoclock surged to prominence, raising more than $200,000 within a mere 20 minutes, a testament to its innovative fusion of technology and artistic expression.

At the heart of this paradigm-shifting creation is the Klydo Artist Collective, an assembly of over 150 artists hailing from an impressive 30 countries, each contributing their distinctive flair to the collection. This global collaboration merges cultures and visions to infuse life into an analog timepiece. The digital content offered by the Klydo Artist Collective transforms the Klydoclock into an awe-inspiring centerpiece, redefining how we interact with time in our homes.


One luminary artist gracing this platform is the renowned Karim Rashid, whose innovative designs have permeated various industries, from luxury goods to furniture, lighting, and branding. Rashid's eloquent description captures the essence of the Klydoclock's essence, which elegantly infuses the kinetic beauty of the fourth dimension into our everyday lives. As an Egyptian-born, Canadian-raised industrial designer, Rashid's endorsement is a testament to the global impact of Klydo's creation.


“Karim is a legendary design icon who has partnered with a variety of renowned brands, including Audi, Samsung, Swarovski, Armani, and Nike,” said David Ben Yshay, Curator and Artist Partnership Director at Klydo."His signature aesthetic is marked by forward-looking designs that highlight vibrant pastels, strikingly bold combinations, and sleek lacquered textures. We extend our appreciation for his valuable contribution to the Kyldoclock." 

klydo clock on shelf

The Klydoclock's allure lies in its dynamic convergence of the functional and the aesthetic.  Featuring more than 1,500 animations contributed by the diverse Artist Collective, this timepiece transcends monotony, offering a unique, customizable appearance based on your mood and room your clock is in.. The absence of apps or subscriptions simplifies the experience, providing a seamless and enchanting interplay of art and time.


Among the artists contributing to Klydoclock's mesmerizing array are luminaries like Beeple, a CGI mastermind; and artists such as Simona Alunni, Anna Marinenko, Rich Armstrong, Dan Richardson, and Matt Semke. This ensemble of creative visionaries showcases the platform's inclusivity, welcoming both established artists and burgeoning talents alike, thus nurturing an environment of collaboration and artistic growth.

Klydo's mission extends beyond its product - it's a voyage into the seamless integration of art and technology that is both captivating and inspiring. By enabling artists to transform everyday timekeeping devices into canvases of imagination, Klydo bridges the gap between creators and audiences, infusing homes with narratives and emotions that evolve with every passing second.

The Klydoclock Kickstarter campaign offers an exclusive opportunity to acquire this avant-garde timepiece for $289. This limited-time offer is an invitation to be part of an artistic movement that redefines traditional timekeeping, imbuing it with vivacity and narrative. Whether you are an artist seeking to contribute to this global canvas or an individual who seeks to embrace innovation in their living spaces, the Klydoclock beckons as a portal to a realm where art, technology, and time converge in mesmerizing harmony.

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In a world where innovation often stems from the union of disparate ideas, Klydo's Klydoclock stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities of such amalgamations. As this pioneering tech startup continues to redefine the intersection of art and technology, it paves the way for a future where every passing moment becomes an ever-changing canvas of artistic expression. Visit klydoclock.com to embark on this immersive journey, where time is not just measured, but experienced.