Shark CarpetXpert With StainStiker

As someone who's always on the go and has a keen interest in the latest technology and gadgets, I understand the importance of having efficient and effective tools that make everyday tasks simpler. Years ago I didn't think I'd get giggly like a school girl while shopping for appliances or home tech to do my chores. But here I am and a couple months ago when Shark asked if we'd like to check out their CarpetXpert Carpet Cleaner I couldn't wait.

While Heather and I have been married for nearly 20 years - this was the first time we'd actually be hosting holiday events in "our" (my Father In Law's house) and no matter how cautious - sometimes you just need more than a vacuum to keep carpets looking and smelling good!

To be honest, our guests were all really good and it ended up mostly being grime that a carpet cleaner service missed that was the biggest surprise - I think perhaps it might have been that by doing things ourselves and having the flexibility to hit the same spot in multiple cycles seperated by a day or two might be the key. However, going into Thanksgiving our carpets were as clean and smelling great as they probably have been in a decade and that was no small feat!

shark stainstriker tool

One of the other nice features hear beyond the carpets was that the uphostery cleaner with StainStriker allowed us to attack sweatmarks and food stains that had been there for god only knows how long. It wasn't nessisarily that things were a disaster when we started - but there's simply another layer of efficacy that having the right tools for the job can do to make an impact.

From pet spots to dirt tracked in the front door to ancient food spills and sweat marks on couches, the Shark CarpetXpert made a valient expert at attacking everything we set in front of it. While it's not a miracle worker, I'd honestly buy this for ~$299 (Currently $249.99 on Amazon), rather than call a carpet cleaning service to come out and do the job for you.

Creating a table to compare the pros and cons of hiring a carpet cleaning service versus purchasing the Shark CarpetXpert carpet cleaner for DIY home use is a great way to evaluate your options. Here's a structured comparison:

AspectHiring a Carpet Cleaning ServicePurchasing Shark CarpetXpert
Initial Cost Higher upfront cost for service. Our Stanley Steemer 4 room service was ~$200 + tip earlier this year with a coupon. Higher purchase cost of ~$300, but a one-time investment plus the cost of detergents.
Long-term Cost Recurring costs for each service Cost-effective in the long run after one whole-house cleaning as well as the value in recovering a piece of stained furntiture that might have needed to be disposed or a section of carpet that attracted other dogs to "make their mark" that might have needed to be removed and replaced.
Convenience High - professionals handle the job Requires personal time and effort
Quality of Cleaning Generally high - professional expertise and equipment Depends on user's skill, but product is designed for high efficiency. User profficiency will improve with practice.
Time Efficiency Moderate - home owner must arrange furniture and schedule a window of time for the service technician to arrive and then the floor will be wet for hours or days. Time-consuming but flexible - depends on user's availability and pace, howevery when you DIY it provides the option to hit specific stains as well as target individual rooms and clean at your own pace.
Availability Depends on service provider's schedule Available anytime for multiple uses
Skill/Experience Needed None - service handled by professionals Some - user needs to learn and operate the machine but we found it pretty easy to use the Shark CarpetXpert though there is some learning curve
Customization Limited - depends on service options and contracted areas to clean High - user can focus on specific areas as needed
Maintenance Not applicable - handled by service Required - machine needs to be maintained
Storage Not applicable - no equipment to store Requires storage space for the machine and detergents
Environmental Impact Varies - depends on service provider's methods Lower - reusable, less frequent need for chemicals
Flexibility Limited - need to schedule service, could take a week or more for a service appointment. Focus is is cleaning before an event rathern than addressing smaller incidents immediately.

High - use as needed, more control over cleaning process. This includes the handheld spot and stain remover - a function that the carpet cleaning service did not offer beyond simply throwing more detergent at spots that didn't respond to the first pass.

Instead, with Shark CarpetXpert you're able to use the power of OXY detegent, high-speed brush rool, PowerWash high-pressure spray, and Shark's powerful suction to hit the stain from all angles.

I have to say, the experience was beyond satisfactory. It wasn't just the carpet cleaner's teal color that caught my eye—it was the sheer efficiency. Compared to previous models I’ve tried (rentals from the super market), the EX201's suction power and PowerWashTM system meant I spent less time going over the same spots repeatedly. The machine pulled out dirt I didn't even know existed, leaving the carpets refreshed and looking as if they were just installed yesterday.

Plus honestly, it looks cool - almost as if this is what Master Chief from Halo might use to keep his space station clean, and certainly far easier to move around than the unit I rented years ago from the super market.

Furthermore, the added attachments gave me the flexibility to also freshen up our upholstery—an often overlooked task that the CarpetXpert made surprisingly easy. The pet tool was a godsend for removing embedded fur and dander, and the crevice tool allowed me to reach every nook and cranny—a feature that truly understands the needs of a detailed-oriented person.

While we've focused this review mostly on the common areas of the house ... keeping things ready for company to pop over and cleaning up after they leave ... the reality is this is a must have for any mancave or den too. While living rooms, dining rooms, and entryways tend to be well ventilated - your basement area probably is far less ventilated.

This means that even those hidden odors left by rotten grease marks, sweat stains, and stale beer spots that you might not notice visually are cumulatively creating odors that YOU and YOUR BUDDIES may find uniquly "masculine" but chances are your wife and her friends don't ... and deep in your heart ... you don't either!

By using the Shark CarpetXpert to run over your rugs and carpets as well as that beloved old couch that you have resisted tossing in the trash, you can make everyone a whole lot happier.

Either way, a carpet cleaner like this is ultimately something I didn't expect to ever think I needed or wanted but now I look at it the same way as I do my steam mop and other tools that I need for specific jobs.

whats in the box

Ultimately, he Shark EX201 CarpetXpert isn't just any carpet cleaner - it's a game-changer in home maintenance for the busy, tech-loving individual. From its powerful cleaning ability to its added convenience features, it exceeded my expectations. It turned what usually is a tedious task into a quick, almost effortless part of my cleaning routine, ultimately saving both time and effort after our usual household "wear and tear." If you're in the market for a carpet cleaner that can keep up with a bustling, active home, the Shark EX201 CarpetXpert is certainly worth considering.

My only regret is that now I need a great vacuum cleaner too ... hopefully we can check out the Shark Stratos soon!