A few months ago the folks at Autonomous sent me one of their Standing Desks and a great new office chair too. It was an interesting challenge trying this out since initially, it seemed to be more of a gimmick but then quickly proved to be something valuable that frankly should be the standard, instead of being perceived as an expensive luxury.

autonomous standing desk adjuster

There's a lot of options out there in the market and I'd always just assumed that buying a standing desk would be too expensive for me. However, after spending a few months using the Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Office I'm hooked. Not only is affordable $400-$500 depending on size, but it is extremely well made. If you are considering a standing desk, there's simply no reason not to jump in and buy one today.


Helps Improve Concentration

Perhaps the biggest advantage that I discovered while using the Autonomous SmartDesk was that being able to stand up periodically dramatically helped with concentration when I became tired. For instance, while working on long monotonous tasks, being able to stand up for a few moments - or even longer gave me a different perspective and snapped me out of the "blah feeling".

Adjusting The Desk Helps With Break Time

Most people think of owning a smart desk as a business investment ... and it is that too. However, I found that taking a break from work and raising the desk for an hour was a great way to enjoy some game time or watching videos on YouTube or Netflix. Different games work better in this configuration of course and while chilling on a comfy couch is more comfortable - this is an easy way to take a quick break.

Makes Conference Calls Easier

One of the things I hate is long conference calls. Often times I find myself distracted and not fully engaged in calls where I'm not the primary participant. However, when I raise the desk up and stand - possibly walk around a bit or shift my weight from foot to foot it helps make conference calls easier to do.

Gets The Blood Flowing

The common thread with the things above that I love about using a standing desk is that it introduces some physicality to an otherwise sedentary activity. By simply standing up, it won't reduce obesity or weight loss but it will improve blood flow. However, standing up and moving around like I often do may have benefits that help with blood sugar, blood pressure, and other similar issues. However, like most things, it's what you make of it.

For instance, when I'm working on monotonous tasks or researching things online, I'll hop around and dance while listening to music. Physical activity like this will have significant health benefits.

autonomous standing desk

Being Able To Raise The Desk Helps With Cleaning

Ok, so nobody likes cleaning but what I found was that raising my desk helps with cleaning under it as well as being able to pick up random stuff that gets lost under the desk. With a traditional desk, you won't be able to reach under it since you have limited space. However, by raising the standing desk to it's highest position, I can easily go under it. This is also a benefit for adjusting things on my PC since cables and other items would have previously required me to crouch on the ground.