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Slingbox March Madness

March Madness is here and shortly we're all going to be headed to our corners to fill in brackets that will define our conversations for the next few weeks. As we enter this period, it important to do things the right way! So, let's make the most of out of March Madness, without sacrificing family, work, or your health while doing so.

Relax and Have Fun

After all, this IS just a game. No matter how crazy things get you're going to still be alive next month.

phone in hand

Do a Tech Check

You're going to want to do an inventory of your technology devices - do you have a great TV, the right HD programming package, a good tablet, a phone with a great screen etc. This is not the time you want to have things fail on you! While you're at it, make sure that you have the right mobile data plan - you're going to be using your phone a lot this month to check scores and stream video.


Throw a March Madness Party 

There are a ton of reasons to throw a party pretty much any time of year, but during March - it's all about March Madness. From wearing your college colors to cooking up regional favorites, this is your time to let it all hang out as you cheer on your favorite teams.

sling tablet

Grab a Slingbox So You Never Have to Miss a Game

Unless you are a stay at home dad who can have the TV on all the time, chances are you won't be able to watch all the games you want. That is, unless you have a Slingbox!

slingbox back

This box is super easy to use and installation takes just a few moments. It sits directly between your cable box and your TV, so that it can "sling" video streams over the internet to your phone, laptop, or tablet. There's no cable company fees and there's no restrictions on only being able to watch while connected to WiFi. Here's a link to our previous review that talks more about how to set things up.

booze brackets

Try "Other Brackets"

While basketball is the name of the game this month, a ton of brands are jumping into the competitive spirit to create brackets of their own. 

 mgm pac 12 header

If You Can ... Be There in Person ...

Of course, nothing actually beats being able to be there in person. :) Even if you are there watching that game, you'll be glad you have Slingbox since you can watch other games at the same time without having to worry about subscription fees or the limitations that your cable company may put on their supposedly "TV Anywhere" services.