weight loss tips for men

 Right now is generally a great time to focus on losing weight. Not only will improving your physical health lead to improved mental health, but there are fewer distractions if you re-shape your life a bit. For men like myself who are normally jetting off from one place to the next and grabbing food between meetings, the "normal world" was hugely challenging. Today though, there are new opportunities to lose weight but it still requires dedication. Here are some top ways for men like you and I to lose weight.

Set Practical Goals

Many people set themselves up for failure by creating unattainable weight loss goals. Ask yourself why you want to lose weight. Do you want to look a certain way, lose a large percentage of your body weight, or just improve your health? If you have low self-esteem, losing a large amount of weight may not improve it. You should aim for feeling better overlooking better. Instead of thinking, "I have to lose 50 pounds" or "I want to fit into my wedding dress again," try something like "I want to walk up two flights of stairs without getting tired" or "I want to lose one pound per week." If your expectations are too high, you will inevitably feel bad about yourself when you don't meet them. You should just try to steadily build a healthier lifestyle.

healthy food tips to help men lose weight

Create a Meal Plan

Gradually substitute unhealthy foods with healthier ones. For example, instead of indulging your sweet tooth with ice cream or candy, eat a piece of fruit or drink a glass of sugar-free iced tea. Try cooking with smaller amounts of olive oil rather than the full amount of butter called for in a recipe. Focus on eating at least 500 calories less than you burn in a day.

Consider Using Supplements

Healthy eating is about more than simply reducing calories and eating the right foods. As important as it might be to eat high iron foods for building muscle and anti-oxidant rich foods to reduce inflammation, using supplements like Wayt Less can also play an important role. For instance, unless you are incredibly dedicated, it would take an enormous amount of kale and blueberries every day to get the nutrients that you need to both build lean muscle, reduce inflammation, and ensure your digestive system is working properly. By adding a supplement to your diet you can make sure that you get everything you need ... and probably a bit more too. As always though, when choosing anything that goes into your body, make sure to talk with your physician to make sure it is right for your body.


Your diet has the greatest effect on weight loss, but exercise is an important piece of the puzzle as well. It can help you feel stronger and more confident, and it will raise your metabolism. You may see a greater reduction in your waist and hip sizes as well. People who exercise frequently have an easier time staying at their goal weight once they get there, which can be the most difficult part of your weight loss journey. You don't have to start by going to the gym every day. Find a physical activity that you enjoy and start small. That way, you can slowly add more exercise without injuring yourself or becoming discouraged.  

Track Your Progress

How will you know that you are consuming fewer calories than you burn? Keep a record of your foods and drinks, your physical activity and your weight. Downloading a fitness and diet app can make this documentation straightforward and even fun. Some apps even include games and support from others who are also trying to exercise more and lose weight. 

Connect With Friends and Share Results

In a gym, it is normal to see other guys and compliment their progress. Whether they are able to improve their strength and you see them benching extra weight or you notice that their stamina has increased on the treadmill, positive reinforcement is essential to keeping up a routine. This sense of comradery is also critical to getting through plateaus and periods of time in your weight loss journey where you feel like giving up. There are plenty fo weight loss communities that you can join where you get to meet other men for support and to share results, so don't forget about this step too.

When You Achieve Your Weight Loss Fitness Goals - Set New Ones!

Losing weight isn't a singular effort. Instead, once you achieve your initial goal, make sure to set new ones and work to achieve that one too. Even after you achieve a healthy weight it is important to not stop working to improve your health. Years ago I lost a huge amount of weight and then stopped. A year later I weighed even more than I did when I started and this depressed me and I haven't been able to achieve what I did that time since. Maintaining is far easier than starting fresh so don't let that happen to you.