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UAG s24 Ultra Monarch Pro Case

I've said this before but it needs to be said again - Urban Armor Gear is the only case company that I trust with my mobile phones. I'm not paid by them but they have provided me cases to test over the years. Occasionally I decide to stray from them to see what other options are out there that might be cheaper. I always come back though because even though they charge a premium - $50-$100 for their cases, this is something that protects my investment from being unusable.

Mobile phone prices are out of control - I just spent more than $1,200 on my Galaxy S24 Ultra and that's roughly $400 more than my laptop! While I have insurance and I can get screen cracks fixed, it's about more than that. If I'm on a trip for a week and my phone breaks because I drop it on a rock or while leaning over the edge of a balcony to get that perfect shot ... the expense of replacing or repairing the phone isn't my only consideration. Instead, it is about the downtime, lost opportunity, and frankly my reputation as a blogger since other folks have paid a lot of money for me to visit their destination and tell you guys how awesome it is.

This year I decided to check out two cases for my s24 Ultra ... Monarch Pro Magnetic Kevlar Series ($99.95) and the Plasma XTE Pro Magnetic Series. Both of these are designed to attach easily to induction chargers and provide exceptional protection.

monarch pro case

Monarch Pro Kevlar

The Monarch Pro Kevlar case emerges as the quintessential safeguard for your device, tailor-made for every terrain and features an innovative built-in magnetic module to assist with it attaching better to induction chargers. This case is a masterpiece of engineering, utilizing only the finest materials to offer protection without parallel. At the heart of the Monarch Pro's design is a sophisticated multi-layer structure, featuring a core that's resilient to shocks, a proprietary armor frame enhanced with the renowned strength of DuPont™ Kevlar® fabric, a sturdy polycarbonate shear plate, and a rubber exterior designed to withstand impacts. Its compatibility with magnetic charging is flawless, marrying top-tier defense with unmatched convenience. The Monarch Pro is crafted not just to endure but to excel, safeguarding your indispensable tech through every journey.

Additionally, what ultimately sets this apart for me is how good it feels in my hand. It is rugged and grippy without feeling bulky.

Key Highlights:

  • Incorporates a precision-aligned magnetic module for a flawless fit with your device.
  • Offers superior defense with multiple layers, including the cutting-edge DuPont KEVLAR® Material.
  • Designed for enhanced handling and control, featuring oversized tactile buttons and a non-slip grip.
  • Provides exceptional drop protection up to 25 feet (7.6 meters), certified for peace of mind.

uag case with holderOops apparently Heather's hair got caught in there somehow!

Plasma XTE Pro Case

On the other hand, the second case is my new "special teams" go to now. The Plasma XTE Pro Case, features an innovative kickstand that also works as a holding point for when I need to reach out somewhere and don't want to trust my fingers to grasp the edge of the case securely. Crafted with precision, its ultra-light composite build achieves an optimal blend of tough durability and a trim silhouette. Delve into superior impact defense with the strategically engineered airsoft corners, offering enhanced buffering during those accidental drops. Additionally, a raised bezel fortifies your screen, warding off unsightly scratches and cracks, thus ensuring a comprehensive shield for your device. This case doesn't stop there; it comes with a robust built-in magnetic module for a flawless magnetic charging experience. The Plasma XTE Pro Case truly encapsulates the essence of all-around protection.

Standout Features:

  • Integrated magnetic module for a perfect fit with your device.
  • Airsoft corners and a raised screen edge for maximum protection.
  • Large tactile buttons and clear access to the touchscreen and ports.
  • The cutout is precisely designed for effortless access to the S Pen.

other case notice thinner protection

Not All Cases Are Created Equal

On thing that I want to express before wrapping up this review is that not all cases are created equally and that's why I keep coming back to UAG as I have for nearly 10 years now. With this generation, I decided to buy a cheap $20 case that frankly was better than many other options out there.  However, what I noticed was three differences from what I experienced with UAG. These elements are consistent with other manufacturers out there and just go to show the difference between $20 and $50 or $100.

1) The rubber around the screen is almost flat with the glass. This means that while your phone might be saved if it lands on hardwood flooring for instance, concrete or asphalt where there could be stones or other imperfections might not allow the screen to escape danger. While UAG isn't impervious to this challenge either - their bumpers tend to be among the best in the industry while striking an excellent balance with usability. 

2) The quality of the rubber and plastic. While this is completely subjective and some folks might not mind a cheaper feeling case ... for a device like the S24 Ultra or iPhone 15 for instance, you deserve to protect a premium device with a premium case.

3) The fit and finish of this case cuts off tiny details like microphone openings whereas on the UAG cases, there's a round cutout here to ensure that you get perfect audio or that various plugs can fit perfectly.

Overall, this isn't to say that cheaper cases aren't worthy of buying - far from it - if I had a cheaper phone that I didn't really care about or a lifestyle where I could go for a few weeks with a cracked phone ... that's ok. For me though, a cracked phone reflects negatively and a phone that doesn't function properly because of damage reflects badly from an economic perspective.

No phone is perfect and I can't throw my UAG case protected phones off of tall buildings but it helps to know I have pretty much the strongest protection against damage that I can get without it impacting the actual use of my phone.