uses for duct tape on a fishing trip

Everyone knows that plain ol' duct tape is a must have for any adventure, but how much do you really think about it? I was talking with some of my buddies about this and so we came up with some of our top ways to use duct tape on a fishing trip.

The first thing to think about though is that not all duct tape is created equal. Prior to being contacted by the folks at T-Rex Tape, I would just go to the store and buy whatever was there. I didn't care about colors or features - I just wanted "duct tape" because it was a sort of miracle product that was good for everything from well, sealing holes in your duct work in your home to helping to get rid of warts on your fingers. I always have a roll in my bug-out bag that I bring with me on the trail for off road trips, in the car along with emergency supplies for a road trip, and of course when I go out fishing too.

Duct tape  is formulated to be super-durable, extra-thick, and uses UV-resistant materials to work longer and hold stronger than other utility tapes in all weather. This means that it will hold well on rough and dirty surfaces in a wide range of temperatures and humidity levels. 

I don't often give testimonials when doing sponsored posts. However, this duct tape was REALLY STRONG and REALLY STICKY. It was far more capable than I expected and that inspired me to take things to the next level by thinking of all the ways that you can use T-Rex Tape on a fishing trip.

fold the duct tape over and make a loop for a good hand hold

Add a Handle to the Boat

You'll want to fold the duct tape over and make a loop here so that it doesn't stick to the metal. Once you do, you will now have a super strong handle that's a lot more comfortable to hold on to than simply grabbing the metal itself.

Patch A Hole In Your Bag

Bags get ripped. That shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, so that's our first use for how to use duct tape. Simply cover the tear with a piece of tape and press it flat so it sticks completely.

Wrap It Around Your Shoes To Keep Water Out

This is really only something that I'd advise if you have an older pair of shoes that you don't mind getting gummy but here goes. If you are in a situation where you've got to jump into a few inches of water and don't want to get your feet wet then wrap some tape around your shoes. Make sure to overlap the tape so that there's no places for the water to come in and you'll be able to avoid getting your socks getting wet and muddy.

Tape Down Your Trash Bag

When fishing, it's important to never litter. Sometimes it can be unavoidable of you are cruising along and a sudden gust of wind comes by. To help prevent this, make sure to tape your trash bag to the side of the boat or some other "out of the wind" area.

Secure Loose Hoses and Wires

While it is always best to securely fasten any hoses and wires, sometimes things come loose. Simply take a piece of duct tape and secure those hoses and wires so they don't vibrate or get snagged on something.

create a can holder wrap duct tape around cans then create a handle by passing a loop over the top

Carrying Cans To the Boat

If you are carrying a six-pack then this is super easy - just add a piece of tape to either side and use it as a handle. What if you are bringing a few different beverages or maybe your drink of choice is an energy drink that doesn't come as a six pack? Well, the solution here is easy! Simply wrap the tape around the outside of the cans and then add a loop over the top as a handle.

Carrying Boxes 

Take the same concept as we did for the cans, but this time we're going to take a cardboard box and create a cross loop so you have a nice handle to hold the box with. Depending on the weight and size of the box, this might work with simply adding tape to the side, or you might want to go all the way and create a loop all the way around the box. This way you're supporting the box from the bottom as well as the sides!

Carrying Fillets 

After you've processed the fish and put them in the bags with some ice, simply slap some tape on the side and make a handle. The cool part about duct tape like T-Rex Tape is that since it is super strong, you can actually have multiple bags in a row all on the same handle. Simply lay the piece of tape sticky side up on the dock or flat area of the boat and lay the bags along the tape.  Take a second piece of tape and lay it over that and then connect it at the top to create a loop. You'll now have an easy way to carry your fillets home with you!

wrap some duct tape around your thump to protect from fish teeth

Protect Your Thumb and Fingers from Fish Bites

Anyone who's ever held a fish by the jaw knows that fish have nasty teeth. Usually we just chalk this pain up to something that comes with the pride and excitement of catching a great fish. No longer! Simply wrap a piece around your thumb and you can old that fish much easier and with less pain.

Protect Your Grip With Tape

While gloves are usually a better solution, if you are fighting with a fish and need something to help protect your palm then wrap some tape around your hand. Make sure not to wrap it too tightly though, you simply want to protect your grip from the rod or line. 


duct tape rolls make a great cup holder

Duct Tape Roll As a Coffee Cup Holder

The center hole in a roll of duct tape is the perfect diameter for a to-go cup of coffee, can of pop, or even a plastic take-away cup from a quickserve restaurant.

Seal Bags and Your Gear After The Season is Over

After the season is over, you need to safely store your gear. This includes life vests and safety equipment as well as the fishing gear itself. While I sometimes place stuff in plastic trash bags, that doesn't really seal it from insects that might crawl in. So, this time just fold the bag top closed and take some duct tape, then wrap it once around to seal it closed.

What Ways To Use Duct Tape on a Fishing Trip Did We Miss?

We want to know what we missed. What ways would you use on a fishing trip?