here are some uses for a pocket knife

A pocket knife is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. From opening packages to cutting rope, a pocket knife can come in handy in many situations. In this blog post, we will discuss 11 clever ways to use a pocket knife. Whether you are camping or just need a little extra protection, a pocket knife can be a valuable addition to your toolkit!

No matter what situation you find yourself in, a pocket knife can be a helpful tool. Be sure to keep your knife sharp and clean for optimal performance. With a little bit of care, your pocket knife will be a trusty companion for years to come!

Have you ever realized how many times you must have overlooked the pocket knife and thought it to be lying around as a purposeless object? It is completely normal on your part to think about it like that. Pocket knives might not help in very obvious ways but it definitely is very handy and critical at times. Sometimes a dull task can give you a headache because things are not happening the way you want them to be. You want to cut a string while outdoors and it is too strong for normal hands to cut it, or some package that you are not able to open are some moments when the presence of a pocket knife will be immensely appreciated. There are many such instances when a pocket knife will make a task easy. Here is a list of all those times when a pocket knife will definitely will help in doing a job quickly and easily. 

Pocket knives are probably one of the earliest tools that men carried with them since the advent of having tools to carry. From small sharp pieces of obsidian carried by cavemen to primitive examples of what we'd think of a pocket knife today (a blade that folds into the handle) that date back to more than 500 BC in Austria ... small knives are something that in many ways is a tool that every man needs to have.

However, until industrialization, it wasn't something that was as slick as it is today with a blade that can pop out with a spring or even feature a variety of gadgets such as the ever-popular "Swiss Army" knife. We have the English to thank for this, since pocket knives in the UK started to be mass-produced in cutlery factories in places such as Sheffield, England around 1650 and as production increased, so did innovation in both design and quality.

Soon virtually every farmer, tradesman, and even gentlemen had access to relatively inexpensive but high-quality pocket knives and this has thankfully continued to the present day as well.

As a result, we sometimes have pocket knives hanging from our keychains, packed in our backpacks and briefcases, or sitting in our golf bags that go virtually unutilized since few of us need to cut something on a regular basis.

So, here are some ideas to help remind us of just how flexible and utilitarian these tiny pocket knives can be!

Prying Open Stuck Windows Or Doors

While you'll want to be careful not to break or bend the blade, a pocket knife can be used as a lever to open a stuck window or door.

Just insert the blade into the crack between the door and frame and use it as a lever to pry open the door. You can also use the knife to scrape away any paint or debris that might be preventing the window from opening. This is especially important if perhaps opening the window after many years and it has collected dust and grime that acts as an adhesive to seal it shut.

Opening Cardboard Packages

Have you ever been trying to open a cardboard box and the flaps just won't budge? A pocket knife can come in handy here as well. Just slide the blade under the flap and cut along the edge of the box. You can also use the knife to score the top of the box so it's easier to fold along the lines when you're ready to close it up again.

Pocket Knives Make Good Letter Openers Too

A sharp pocket knife can make opening letters a breeze, just make a tiny slice or tear and then slide it along the top crease so you can open it smoothly without creating a messy ripped mess!

Cutting Rope, String Or Twine

If you need to cut rope or string, a pocket knife is a perfect tool for the job. The blade will quickly and easily slice through even the thickest rope or string. Just be careful not to cut yourself in the process!

Cutting Apples, Grapes, Or Other Fruit From The Tree or Vine

Sure, you can rip or twist and rip, but with a sharp pocket knife it is much easier to just slice the fruit from the tree or vine and cause far less damage in the process.

Open A Beer Bottle

Some pocket knives may have a built-in bottle opener but even if it doesn't, the blade can easily serve as a make-shift bottle opener. Simply take the backside of the blade and leverage it against your hand to pop the crown cap off.

There are a few different variations in technique that may work better for you depending on your exact knife so you may want to experiment a bit. For instance, some knife handles may be suitable to use instead of the blade itself.

However, you should NEVER use the sharp side of the blade to open a bottle since this may damage the cutting surface.

Slicing Food

This is probably one of the most common uses for pocket knives depending on your environment but it merits inclusion in this list anyhow. Whether you are slicing some freshly caught fish to share with your buddies as sashimi or cutting up a piece of sausage to enjoy on a hike ... pocket knives are great for cutting food!

If you do use it for food, make sure to clean your blade before and after. You can do this in a variety of ways from passing it over a flame for a few moments and then wiping down with water (after it cools!) or even just rubbing some alcohol on it to kill any germs.

Whatever you do though, you'll want to make sure you aren't ingesting any chemicals or toxins along with your food.

Using As A Prod To Push Something Hot

With your knife closed, you can use the handle to push something hot such as a kettle over a campfire or maybe even a log that has fallen off of the fire. Be careful though, your pocket knife probably isn't more than a few inches long but depending on the situation, that might be all you need to avoid burning your fingers.

Probing A Hole Or Tight Space

This is a great use for a smaller pocket knife. If you need to probe a hole or tight space, the blade can come in handy. Just be careful not to damage the blade or cut yourself in the process!

Poking A Fire

If you need to poke at your fire to get it going again, a pocket knife can come in handy. Just be careful not to damage the blade or burn yourself in the process!

Cleaning Your Nails

If you need to clean your nails, a pocket knife can come in handy. Just be careful not to cut yourself in the process!

Your Pocket Knife Can Also Act As A Screwdriver

Each knife is different but most pocket knives can also work well to tighten the occasional screw using the back of the blade - and sometimes the blade itself if you are careful to avoid damaging it.

Can Be Used As A Defensive Weapon

One can never be sure about what is happening the very next moment in one’s life. Unsocial elements have made the lives of people very unsafe. Pocket knives can be easily used to defend yourself in case of any such situation. Pocket knives can also help in defending oneself against animal attacks. 

Whittle Some Wood

Another very old-fashioned but still useful way to use a pocket knife is to whittle some wood. This can be anything from making a simple stake to drive into the ground to mark your campsite to carving a more intricate and decorative piece of art.

The key here is to be extra careful since you will be using the sharp blade on softer materials. Start by paring away small pieces of wood until you have the general shape that you want and then use finer strokes with the blade to get the details just right.

As with any other activity that involves blades, it is important to take care not to cut yourself - especially since your fingers will likely be much closer to the blade than usual when working on smaller pieces of wood.

Carve A Marking Into A Tree

When you are out hiking or camping, it can be helpful to carve a marking into a tree to help you find your way back if you get lost.

This is especially useful if you are planning on covering a lot of ground and might not be able to stick to the same path on the way back.

Create A Fish Hook Or Animal Trap

With a pocket knife, some string and a twig you can easily create a fishhook by carving a sharp hooked point and tying it together on a string or you can similarly use it to create a snare to capture small land animals.

In a survival situation, this could be the difference between your buddies finding your dead body and you having enough energy to make it out alive!

Loosen A Stuck Jar Lid

Have you ever been trying to open a jar and no matter how much you twist and turn, the lid just won't budge? If you have a pocket knife with you, you can use the blade to loosen the seal on the lid and make it easier to open. You can also use the handle to knock on the lid so that it loosens up a bit too.

Draw A Pattern In The Sand Or Play A Game Of Tic-Tac-Toe

This one is more for fun than anything else but if you find yourself with some free time and a pocket knife, why not carve out a design or map in the sand?

You could even use it to play tic-tac-toe or make a pattern by drawing in the sand.


Reflect The Sun To Create An Emergency Flare

If your blade is well polished then it should reflect the sun's rays. You can then use it to flash towards far away hunters or a rescue party that may be looking for you.


Test A Wire To See If It Is Electrified

If you come across a wire and are not sure if it is electrified, you can use your pocket knife to test it. Just touch the blade to the wire - if it sparks then you know it's live! If not, then it's safe to touch.

Just be careful, this works best with knives featuring a rubberized case.

Create Wood Shavings To Help With Starting A Fire

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to start a fire but don't have any kindling, then a pocket knife can come in handy. Just use the blade to shave off some wood shavings from a larger piece of wood and voila! You've got yourself some emergency kindling.


Puncture A Beer Can So You Can Shotgun The Drink!

This one is for all you beer lovers out there. If you want to shotgun a beer, just use your pocket knife to puncture a hole in the can and then drink it all up!


Pocket knives are among the most versatile tools known to man. There are so many other situations when pocket knives can be used. These small knives have the capability of performing every task easily and quickly. It might look small but can prove to be extremely useful in certain situations.