Yes, You Can Buy a NASCAR - Here's How

how to buy a nascar race car

For the ultimate NASCAR fan, there's no bigger achievement than actually owning a car driven my your favorite driver. Short of buying an actual team, this is probably the closest you will ever come to living out those Days of Glory dreams. For most people though, this is simply a fantasy but it's actually surprisingly easy to achieve and a lot less expensive than you might think.

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Where to Search For NASCAR Cars to Buy

There are few different sites that you should check if you are looking to buy an authentic NASCAR race car, replica, or pace car. The first stop is where you'll find a constantly changing collection of race cars including NASCAR cars available for bidding. You'll also find a wealth of parts here such as shells, tires, engines, and other equipment used in actual races if your budget doesn't allow you to go the whole way and buy an actual car. Your next stop is one of the specialty dealers such as, or where they list available cars across the country. Surprisingly, many cars can be purchased for as low as $30,000! However, as with any used car sales situation, make sure to examine the merchandise carefully and have an objective in mind. For instance, are you looking for a show piece to have on display in your garage - or are you actually looking to take it to fan meetups and race days. The answer to that question will dictate the equipment that you will want to purchase.

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How To Keep Your New Car In Top Shape

Of course, buying your NASCAR race car is just the beginning. While a climate controlled garage is clearly the best option and certainly most appropriate for the more expensive vehicles you might purchase, that's not always possible. So make sure to get a good car cover - you can even get NASCAR car covers to complete the experience. You will also want to make sure and wash the car correctly to make sure to keep the paint intact. Unlike most classic cars though, Chrome isn't really the issue here but paint and any key "racing stripes" need to be preserved so pay attention and treat your baby right!

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Make Sure to License and Insure Your Newly Purchased NASCAR Properly

Each municipality is going to have it's own laws and regulations on how to license and insure the new NASCAR that you just purchased. The process will vary greatly depending on if you are planning to drive it on the street, race course only, or keep it just as a display that will be transported by hauler. If you plan to race, you should also plan to get a racing license which you can get from an organization like the Sports Car Club of America.

Just make sure to have fun and understand that the car you have just purchased is part of racing history. Every classic race car has it's own stories, so make sure to learn your new car's tales so you can share them with other enthusiasts!


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