Faultless Starch Travel Size

Wrinkles are almost inevitable when traveling but it doesn't have to be that bad if you make a few changes to how you pack and act. Plus, you'll want to bring your secret weapon - Faultless Premium that comes in a travel size that is perfect for hiding away in your suitcase. This can be our little secret and your buddies and co-workers will always wonder how you are able to look so great even when you are away from home!

Ready to learn how to prevent wrinkles when traveling? Let's get started ...

Plan Better and Pack Less Stuff:

This is the easiest one here and simply put - have a plan, don't just stuff everything you "might need" into the bag. This gives the stuff you really need the space it needs vs being all jammed in together. Along with this, you should consider packing like clothes together and putting cords, electronic items, and toiletries in a separate compartment or a different bag. Anything that you pack next to your clothes has the chance to press, stretch, or mark and you want to avoid that.

Pack Shoes and Bulky Items Wrapped in Plastic Bags:

As mentioned above, shoes and other bulky items can cause problems with wrinkles but there's an easy solution to mitigating that problem. Wrap them in a plastic bag so that as they rub against clothes during transit it won't catch on the fabric and cause issues. Do the same with other items such as loose bottles of product though in that case, it's important because you don't want to have them leak should something happen. While grocery bags work just fine, you may want to use dry-cleaner bags for more delicate shoes and other items. Do not do this for sensitive electronics as even though there is a slight risk of static charges being built up, you don't want that to happen.

Roll Your Clothes:

Folding is great, but it isn't the answer for most situations. By rolling your shirts and pants you'll be able to save space as well as keep them from wrinkling. This is true for protecting them during travel, but since clothes can also get wrinkled during packing and unpacking, this helps to prevent that as well.

Get Rid of Empty Spaces:

Ok, so you have a nicely packed bag now with shoes wrapped in bags and your shirts and pants all rolled up. If they move around inside the suitcase then all your hard work is for nothing. So take your underwear and socks as well as other small items that you don't care about getting wrinkled and shove place them into spots in the bag to prevent things from shifting and moving around.

spraying starch

If All Else Fails ... Use Starch ...

Let's face it, your bag is going to be beaten, tossed, crushed, dropped, vibrated, and a whole bunch of other stuff - especially if you are traveling by air. Even my ruggedised suitcase came back with gorgeous and scuff marks from its first trip a few weeks ago. You can only imagine the journey that its contents had during that time, but I am sure it wasn't pretty!

Even if you rolled your clothes and did everything I listed above, some items still should be ironed and hung up once you get there and that's where Faultless can help you. Simply apply the starch while you are ironing and your clothes will look like they came fresh pressed and looking sharp.

faultless laundry stack


Since 1887, Faultless has been a staple of the American household and it has a "No flake, stick, or clog guarantee".